How do we save our fridge from being a microbe?

One of the biggest mistakes made is placing the food in the fridge with the bags used during shopping. Ayşe Cengiz, a nutrition and dietician who says that bags should definitely be changed after the shopping, stressed that a bacterium infected with pouches could pass in other refrigerators in the fridge. He also said that food should not be put in black bags. “Black bags are made from the recycling of waste plastics.

He also said that food should not be put in black bags.

“Black bags are made from the recycling of waste plastics. Over time, the black sachets flow, which affects our health seriously. We should prefer white pouches or plastic containers for storing food. “

Nutrition and Diet Expert Canan Aksoy opened a few holes on the sachets, indicating that the duration of fruit and vegetables to be increased. Aksoy, “Green yellow vegetables, eggplant, cauliflower, strawberries, peaches, such as fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator can keep 3-7 days freshness. This type of fruit and vegetables are put into clean bags and opened by opening a few holes on the bags.


If food is to be washed and raised, it must be very well dried. Fruits and vegetables will decay more quickly if left wet. “There are temperature differences between the shelves in the refrigerator. The closest shelf to the frost is always the coldest and the coldness to the shelves decreases. For this reason, products that may be bacterial spoilage should always be placed on top.

  1. Top cattail meat, fish, chicken
  2. Second rafa cheese, milk, yoghurt
  3. dishes down
  4. and most vegetables should be placed on the bottom .

Food Engineer Eda Dilem Tergin said that some of the mistakes made in placing the food in the refrigerator caused the formation of bacteria. He said that dirty products such as eggs should be placed on the lid of the refrigerator and said:

“Some of the refrigerators are not covered with eggs. Because the egg is not clean, it causes a constant germ in the cabinet.Egg sections should be preferred with cupboards. In addition, there should be no open product in the cupboard.

Inside of the refrigerator: If there is a possibility after cleaning inside the refrigerator, leave it open for a while and allow it to take off. After this process, many of the possible bad smells will go away. What if the bad smells did not come out exactly? One of the tips suggested for this is to put the newly ground coffee in a corner of the cupboard. So you can trap bad smell in the refrigerator and at the same time make it smell nice.

Take care to be thoroughly chilled while placing the food in the refrigerator.

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