Hormone pills do men prettier

Hormone pills do men prettier

Very unusual findings were made by scientists Florida State University. Women who take oral contraceptives, men perceive nicer than without them.

Researchers have found that if at the start of communication with a potential husband, woman drinking oral contraceptives, this young man gets in her eyes more attractive. But as soon as the course of treatment is completed, along with it is completed and the attractiveness and lasting relationships with men are not as pleasant.

However, men believe that the scale of satisfaction with their chosen ones at times increases, at a time when they stop to drink tablets. This information makes it possible to assume that taking these pills can have quite an unusual impact on the privacy of girls. Therefore, it can be said that the use of such tablets can harm both established relations and improved.

The study was conducted on forty married couples who have been married for four years, and seventy couples who have been married for only one year. Both spouses were asked about the desired contraception, and satisfaction from sex and family life. In addition, women are squeezed out photos of their husbands, and asked them to rate the attractiveness.

Scientists believe that these hormone pills may suppress the biological processes that are directly related to women’s desires, which relate to the physical form of a young man and his appearance.

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