Growth hormone

Many men and women doing fitness, want to have the relief of the body. But here in spite of the terms of employment, relief may not appear. Why?

All of what we do not eat right, do not do enough load, the reasons may be, very much.

But in this case there is a special remedy, such as growth hormone.

Growth hormone is the anabolic which produce insulin in the body.

But it should apply only athletes, in sufficient quantity and with high loads, the only way you will get the result.

Duration of the course – not more than 3 months, and the dosage – at least 12-16 units per day, divided into 2-3 injections.

But do not forget that anabolic steroids are very harmful to the body. Can relief you and will appear, but in the body you will have a lot of other problems, including potency.

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