Gipnorody – birth in peace and without pain

Gipnorody - birth in peace and without pain

Pain and fear during childbirth is not for those who go on gipnorody. This new method of delivery of the specialists from the USA and the British psychologists provides unique opportunities in obstetrics.

A new method is increasingly offer special training courses for childbirth. Gipnorody suggest a kind of self-hypnosis, which is to introduce a new mother. Need to reassure and mind and body. This would relieve the discomfort and pain in childbirth. Already during pregnancy can do exercises and recite affirmations, which will help to successfully pass gipnorody. The most common method currently in the United States, where there are already 1,400 instructors by this method. Gipnorody not require anesthetic, epidural anesthesia and caesarean section. Some mothers choose home gipnorody gipnorody or in the water. Gipnorody exclude alarm. Sometimes gipnorody called not so much technique as special philosophy.

What unique gipnorody? It is not necessary to provide such labor as that before giving birth one becomes a pendulum and puts it into a state of hypnosis, and she falls asleep at all stages of childbirth. All mothers in gipnorodah are in a state of wakefulness. Special preparation for childbirth can save the same calm, as if mothers slept. This technique can be combined with positive affirmations (I relax body and soul. I set to calm, soft delivery, etc.), instrumental music and rhythms. Use, as a rule, and visualization technique purpose. For example, effective visualization of how you hold your baby in her arms, the visualization of a relaxing place for you, etc. Visualization involving a child also helps to establish a psychological bond with the child. During the III trimester of pregnancy the expectant mother still studying and special breathing techniques that are similar to the breath in yoga. Successful self-hypnosis in childbirth eliminates the feeling of pain in childbirth.

Minus gipnorodov called understudied hypnosis as altered consciousness, its impact. But direct harm has not been proven, but the pain relief is obvious and yet guaranteed.

We can not say that the pain during gipnorodov no actually. This method explains the different processes of a woman in her body during labor and teaches to use self-hypnosis. It is on this basis, lining up all the practical training in preparation for childbirth. A woman in labor is in a state of deep relaxation. Positive visualization is to become so real that you can feel the smell and touch of the child, his hooting, salt of the sea, etc. One of the fundamental beliefs in practice gipnorodov – body knew how to bear a child for 9 months., Knows how to give birth to this child. Statistics confirms that self-hypnosis during labor reduces the risk of complications of labor.

Gipnorody very popular among Hollywood celebrities. Among gipnorodov gave birth with the help of Jessica Alba and Tiffani Thiessen.Why do women choose gipnorody? They focused on the use of relaxation techniques to relieve stress and most delivery. Who is able to give it up? According to experts, no woman in labor, has chosen this method of preparation for labor and delivery, not disappointed.

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