Future Pope: Pregnant whims

Many men are experiencing a difficult pregnancy of his wife than the wife. This is due to the fact that pregnant women are very fickle mood. Future mothers do not always know themselves what they want at the moment. And even more difficult to explain their desires to another person. However, if the wife and unborn baby daddy future roads will have to figure out how to mitigate tensions.

To start, the future Pope would have to believe in the word pregnant wife does not attempt to completely rid his freedom to kill it is human or permanently separate from your friends as it might seem. Just in pregnant women often bad enough – both physically and psychologically – and she tries all means to alleviate their condition. But who to turn to her in difficult times, if not the very near and dear man, my man?

Then, a loving husband will have to take that often arise claim and decide how to respond to it to maximize suit both parties. One successful solution found, a concession may deprive future pope from several problems. The more relaxed in the expectant mother at heart, the quieter the house, the family, and the fewer claims each other.

So, dear future fathers, here’s some of the most frequent complaints of pregnant women and possible solutions to the problem suddenly.


Claim first

“I is not eat or drink can, therefore, you will not.” You can, of course, angry and tell her that he likes her pregnant walk here and let go, and normal people want to live a normal life. However, this would lead to negative consequences. Possible solutions to the problem somewhat. For example, if you want fried, salted, smoked, and his wife does not allow for such products at home, you can eat a meal at work during the lunch break (but do not overdo it: it is really bad). You can also naprosytysya to visit my mother, who will gladly prepare your favorite dishes for his son.


Claim friend

“You absolutely tsikavyshsya what happens to us.” As if a man was not busy at work, every three months you can carve out an hour to accompany his pregnant wife on the ultrasound. What’s shown on the screen, it is not clear, but give listen to heart beats unborn baby. In women, this sound is a lot of positive emotions. Sometimes these emotions so much that it is unable to cope with them. Why do not you share it joy? And the woman would be very nice if people listened though sometimes her thoughts about her pregnancy occurring. It devotes at least one or two evenings a week: Believe me, your wife now more than ever needs your attention.


Claim Third

“I’m sitting at home with no one bachusya. I would like to communicate with people, and you do not have at home permanently. ” Variants combat position somewhat. If you zatrymuyetesya at work, you may want to talk with the head that you need to visit the home at least a couple nights a week. But if, after becoming pregnant wife you actually become bowl disappear with friends … Dear Daddy future, it is worth mentioning that his wife no plans to enslave you, and stop trying to break free from its influence. If your friends and talked to pregnant wife, you can try to get her “the people.” If pregnant wife stopped to go to her friends, maybe she’s just afraid to travel on public transport. Take it to the bridesmaids for a visit. Maybe that came from her friends wife finally wants to talk about anything but her pregnancy.

In fact, the list of claims is not limited. How many pregnant women, so many whims. To maintain a favorable atmosphere in the family should watch both spouses themselves, their claims to the second half, to go to some concessions. A loving husband will have to remember that his wife is also trying to benefit families and show a little sensitivity and imagination. From this life both spouses will be much easier.

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