Forecast birth after IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) – this conception with the active participation of physicians. Births after IVF from the beginning to introduce this technology fertilization, at the urging of medical professionals, are not held in a natural way. Today the situation has changed.

IVF for modern couples wishing to conceive a child, it became more successful procedure than twenty years ago. Previously 4-5 embryos take root only one, and with a low probability. Today the average female body podsazhivayut 2 embryo, and in one of the three cases recorded successful conception. Births after IVF necessarily initially conducted via caesarean section, regardless of the state of health of the pregnant woman. Today is a good level of health of future mothers, pregnancy without complications and normal development of the baby allow for a natural birth after IVF.

At the same time, obstetric statistics show that caesarean section is still often occurs after IVF than birth naturally. The reason for this is not the method of conception, and the conditions that forced a woman to artificial insemination.

Usually by this time women have reached 35 years and have a lot of health problems. Among such problems often identified immunological, endocrine and the presence of infections. This causes a hormonal preparation for IVF (up to 12 weeks of pregnancy), closer monitoring of pregnancy (especially in the development of the baby and the placenta – with the II half of pregnancy) and its maintenance, testing (especially at the level of hormones), the probability of mandatory genetic diagnosis violations and in the end – cesarean section.

Preparing for the birth after IVF also has its own peculiarity. The risk of premature birth or even miscarriage is much higher in the expectant mothers with IVF. Therefore, a preparatory stage for the birth begins with 37-38 weeks. Pregnant go to the Department of the hospital, undergoing tests and the decision on the possibility of giving birth naturally or through cesarean section. Assesses the state of health of the expectant mother, the location of the child in the womb (ultrasound), heart child (kardiotokogramma, KGT) and the volume of amniotic fluid. Significant factor is the psychological unpreparedness pass delivery was pregnant naturally.

Postpartum period after IVF is no different. Ie initiation of breastfeeding , the restoration of the female body, the development of a child is usually similar to all these stages after birth with an independent conception.

IVF – it’s a great chance to experience the joy of giving birth. And there is no reason to miss this opportunity, presented to medicine.

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