Fitball in childbirth

Fitball in childbirth

Master fitball during pregnancy – can use fitball in childbirth. With his help facilitate nurturing yourself and childbirth, many women the United States, Western Europe, as well as more and more expectant mothers in Ukraine and Russia.

Fitball in childbirth is particularly recommended for the period of cervical dilatation. It provides an opportunity to reduce the voltage of the pelvic floor. Rhythmic rocking on the ball help to establish proper breathing and ignore the pain during labor. Fitball can reduce labor for about an hour.

Not all of the hospital provide fitboly, so it’s best to have your own. This is positive for health, and for convenience (picked up for you personally to fit). Fitbol in childbirth should be a little half-mast, so as not to slip.

The most common posture during labor with fitball: kneeling, sitting on a fitball and lying on fitball. The pose is selected intuitively giving birth. If thispartnership childbirth , her husband will be able to do you a massage while you’re on a fitball.

After delivery, good wash fitball with soap and warm water to continue to use it for recovery after childbirth and child development.

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