First abortion – then prematurity

First abortion - then prematurity

The fact that abortion increases the risk, as at conception and during pregnancy, we know a lot. New research shows that abortion can causepremature labor .

Finnish scientists are willing to reasonably warn everyone: the more a woman is on abortion before the birth of their first child, the greater the risk to move the first prematurity.

In the Finnish study involved more than 300 thousand. Patients. Their first child they gave birth between 1996 and 2008, the results revealed that three or more abortions in the history of the expectant mother lead to an increased risk of premature birth (before 28 weeks. Pregnancy) three times. It’s a sad trend. Proved that premature babies have a lower weight, the tendency to hypothermia, lower immunity, which leads to frequent infections. Most often these children are suffering from nervous disorders.But the saddest thing is that premature babies are at increased risk of death to a year.

Comparing the figures of women in this group with those who did not do an abortion, researchers found that the latter preterm laborwith the birth of premature babies (up to 28 weeks.) Occur in three cases out of 000 1 If there was one abortion, this figure increases to 4 to 1,000 births. If you had two abortions, the prematurity may already have 6 1 000 women from three or more abortions increase the frequency to 11 out of 1000 cases. By the way, the group members were only 0.3% of women with three or more abortions before the birth of their first child.

The scientists also stressed that abortion, especially in the amount of three or more, influence the occurrence of complications during the first delivery.

International statistics show that abortions are growing in number grows and the birth of children with complications. No matter how developed the medicine, particularly gynecology, abortion is very dangerous to the health of women and their unborn children.Continues to be at risk for failure to become a mother in the future by agreeing to this abortion. The consequences can always be unpredictable.

Pregnancy test showed a positive result? Remember, you always have a choice in favor of a healthy and a new life.

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