Exercise on a fitness ball

If you’ve never been involved with the fitness ball, then you should definitely include it in their training. It not only contributes to the effects on all the muscle groups, as well as through training on the ball you lose weight very well.

I’ll give you exercises on fitness ball, which will involve all muscle groups and help you lose weight.

How can engage on the ball to lose weight?

1) Push-ups.

It’s like push-ups, the same starting position, but this time, your feet must lie on the ball. You feel like your whole body becomes tense. Do push-ups 8.

2) Raise the hips.

Lie on the floor. Heels put on the ball, straining ass and press. You need to lift your hips up while pushing the ball to the pope, and then to the starting position. Do 5 times.

3) Coiling.

Lie on your back with your legs extended and arms extended over your head. The ball is put back under. So, ride on the ball, then dropping it to toe feet, on the contrary to the tips of the hands. Do the 10 times.

To start, you will have enough of these exercises. You will feel your muscles start to hurt, but the pain will pass.

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