Episiotomy: how to prevent and how to treat

Episiotomy – it’s what you want to prevent every expectant mother. But if it does become inevitable, it is necessary to take care of a rapid recovery.

Episiotomy: testimony 

Episiotomy often shows the presence of at least one of the aggravating factors of pregnancy and childbirth:

  • pregnancy, first birth after age 35;
  • large fruit;
  • high crotch (about 8 cm between the vaginal opening and the anus);
  • inflammation of the vagina (vulvovaginitis, vaginitis);
  • rapid delivery;
  • strong attempts at deducing the head and shoulders of the child;

There are obvious symptoms, which have been aggravated by birth, and require an episiotomy. Among them:

  • swelling of the perineum;
  • cyanosis of tissue;
  • protrusion of tissue.

With data attributes obstetrician at the peak of the fight (for masking pain) makes a small incision.

Episiotomy better than break? Incised wound has smooth edges. This provides better healing after suturing than jagged edges laceration. Just after the cut seams remain less noticeable.

Episiotomy (cut sideways) also indicated for:

  • breech presentation (to avoid difficulties with the birth of the head);
  • internal fetal hypoxia (to reduce pressure on the baby’s head to accelerate delivery);
  • Scarring of the perineum.

Also apply:

  • lateral episiotomy (incision strictly aside) – the final solution, in particular in the presence of tumors;
  • perineotomy (incision to the rectum) – typical for preterm birth, with the threat of rupture of “high” crotch.

Episiotomy: Treatment and Care 

So labor culminated in particular saw the birth of the placenta. INSPECT soft tissues of the birth canal, and after the cuts are closed with stitches. For joints can be used from a yarn of two types:

  • absorbable sutures (Vicryl, catgut);
  • silk threads, which are taken from 5 to 7 day.

Stitches episiotomy require care. In the hospital has been treating obstetrician. For the seams of the perineum, labia 1 time per day used Zelenka or hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes use cream “Traumeel S” or a solution of potassium permanganate. After the hospital care of the seams will be independent.

It is important to maintain perfect hygiene. Every 2 hours should change pads. You can rinse the seams decoction-based antiseptic calendula and chamomile. After using the toilet do not forget to wash away the crotch front to back running water. After cleaning the need to get wet and dry surface.

Should abide by the restrictions in the provisions:

  • not sit 7-10 days;
  • exercise breastfeeding, lying on its side;
  • eat standing;
  • after 10 days, you can sit on the buttock polubokom without cutting.

To prevent violations of joints is important to follow a diet that prevents constipation. Sometimes it is necessary laxative, combined with breastfeeding.

Episiotomy: how to prevent 

Episiotomy in some cases can be prevented. You must follow a few guidelines:

  • Kegel exercises (up to 3 times a day);
  • perineal massage with oil of wheat germ;
  • Yoga for pregnant or exercises for intimate muscles (eg, “eight” on hips prisognutyh knees);
  • prenatal lacto-vegetarian diet to improve tissue elasticity;
  • relaxation techniques during labor (to cope with muscle spasms).

Episiotomy – an undesirable, but saving surgery. Follow preventive measures, care rules, and this procedure will last without a trace.Light you birth!

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