Drinking diet

Drinking diet

There is another common type of diet, it is bottled. It will allow you to lose at least 10 inches in the waist.

It includes only the drink and liquid products. Therefore exclude all fried and greasy. All the heavy foods on this diet you need to remove from the same supply.

Allowed to drink any liquid other than soda and alcohol. Eat soup, as well as vegetables and fruits.

To you not to suffer hunger, need to drink water and eat every 2 hours is desirable and not especially large portions of about 200ml.

Prepare yourself for as many smoothies. This is a very healthy drink for weight loss, also very tasty.

If you have any problems with the stomach, then you should not use drinking diet. So before you decide to consult your doctor

If you started drinking diet, and then decided to abandon it, then do not drop dramatically. Begin to gradually shift from a light meal, and heavy, so you will not have any problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

I told you that includes drinking diet. Think about your health is worth it or not, but we know that when women lose her from 10kg.

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