Diet (system) “Minus 60” Catherine Mirimanova

Diet (system) “Minus 60″ was developed by the author of the bestselling weight loss Catherine Mirimanova. She tried it for yourself, at the same time losing weight from 120 kg to 60 in just a year and a half, without resorting to surgical methods. The main advantage of the system and the difference ” -60 “from most other – to abandon his favorite meal is not necessary, and no forbidden foods.

1. Basic principles of “Minus 60”

Better meals divided into three times. Snacks are not prohibited, as long as the portions were small in volume and consisted of light products, such as vegetables or fruit.

On the system minus 60 you can drink coffee, tea and alcohol. Normal is better to replace refined sugar or brown sugar fructose because of their better assimilation by the body and vitamin content. Better to drink wine too “dry”.

You can not skip breakfast, you can simply reduce it to a small portion of cheese or rye bread.

Sweet you can eat, but only until noon. From chocolate milk should be discarded and gradually accustom themselves to bitter. Just to relate to white bread – just before noon. After – rye bread, and better off without him. Any food until that time, in any amount can be used as the first, this time in the digestive system is the most mobilized, and secondly, eat a lot is unlikely to succeed.

As a garnish better use of cereals: rice, barley or buckwheat. Ideally, brown rice, because it contains many useful substances, and taste completely corresponds to the conventional rice. Eating potato and pasta better gradually minimized. The type of treatment may be any garnish – a boiled, stewed, passirovka, but possible, to avoid fried. If this is problematic, then it is better to remove the mayonnaise and sour cream from the diet.

Potatoes are not recommended to combine with meat, it is desirable to separate these two products.

The last meal should be before 6:00 pm. This is not a strict requirement, rather recommendation. If necessary, you can have dinner and 8 pm, but something light, such as vegetables or yogurt. Over time, the body becomes accustomed to the “six-hour” dinner and evening hunger perstanet bother you.

System “Minus 60” is not advised to drink more water than would be desirable. Its quantity in the body will not have a strong effect on the process of weight loss, so there is no need to force yourself to drink and a few liters of water daily. The same applies to salt – fanaticism also not welcome.

No need to arrange fasting days or starve, as it can cause stress in the body and disrupt the proper diet for.

2. Physical Activity

System “Minus 60” will not yield the desired results if you do not combine it with regular exercise, which is an integral and important part of weight loss programs Miromanovoy Catherine.

Necessary to conduct daily exercise or fitness (swimming pool, fitness club, active forms of recreation, such as skiing or cycling in combination with easy home gym). If this seems tedious and it is possible to reduce the number of classes, but you still need to prepare and orient the body to constant, though small load. Things should not be a burden on duration can also be made by an individual, but the longer the course better. Try not to overwork.

3. Watching the skin

Since the effect of the diet comes rather quickly and significant weight loss, you need to pay careful attention to the condition of the skin. This applies especially to women in the postpartum period or at an age when lipoaktivnost reduced. Get help from cosmetics, creams, scrubs, massages. Allowed self-massage. Thanks to such a complex “sagging” skin can be practically avoided and retain the shape of the body.

4. Psychological preparation

Necessary and responsible approach to the psychological side of the preparation to the diet because it’s often only the right inner attitude helps to achieve the desired results. Catherine Mirimanova system “Minus 60” – not punishment for the appetite, but an attempt to help the body get rid of excess weight, so it should not be a burden, and should become a way of life.

Accidental overeating or “failure”, which is natural for any normal person, you can not punish herself hunger strikes. Just next time take better account of the possible reasons for the body to overeat and try to prevent them, for example, by increasing daily servings.

5. The power supply system is available to all

Timeframe at this wonderful diet not, the first time it will work for weight loss, then – to maintain it. We can say that this diet will determine your power principles for life.

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