Diet friendship (system “Be slim”)

Principles of nutrition system “Be slim” based on the “three pillars” – this is the right choice of products, their mutual combination, as well as the time and sequence of their use. The essence of the system is reduced to the ten commandments, each of which is equally important.

Ten Commandments Diet Friendship:

1. Energy value of food eaten per day should not be lower energy body on a major exchange.

2. Be sure to eat breakfast and never skip meals.

3. You must enter the four (in the extreme case, three) meals a day at regular intervals, without snacking approximately equal satiating power and energy values.

4. Desirable night break between dinner and breakfast at 14 o’clock. Dinner no later than 18 hours, in extreme cases – yes 4 hours of sleep.

5. Try to chew (that you are unlikely to help society, but certainly digestion).

6. Each meal should take at least 20 minutes and belong exclusively to the meal.

7. Drinking should be uniformly at least 1.5 liters of water per day in small portions over 15-20 minutes before a meal, and not earlier than 40-60 minutes after eating.

8. Cooking of food must be gentle and products as much as possible should be consumed in their natural (or close to natural) state.

9. Respect the principle of compatibility of products and how they use throughout the day, constantly introduce variety in the diet.

10. Eliminate or reduce to an absolute minimum GI carbohydrates with more than 50 products and beverages industrial, semi-industrial condiments, alcohol, salt, caffeinated beverages.

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