Diet for “zone breeches”

To your feet become slender, tanned, moderately muscled, and was not flabby overhanging knee spoiling leg, try to replace fatty foods for fish and lean chicken, eat less fried foods and not get carried away-calorie cheese. Grease usually is deposited primarily on the rear and the inner side of the thigh.

Breakfasts (choose one of the options):

a) toast bread with baked tomatoes, two tablespoons of cottage cheese;
b) one dry wheat tortilla, a small banana, half a cup of skim milk;

Lunch (choose one of the options):
small bun wholemeal with one of the following additions:
a) one mashed banana and lemon juice;
b) 50 g salted tuna, lemon juice;
c) two tablespoons of cooked beans.

Dinners (choose one of the options):

a) 250 g chicken legs (without skin), cooked on the grill, a large portion of mixed salad;
b) 150 g of white fish, grilled, 125g potatoes, boiled in their skins, green beans, zucchini.

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