Diet for sexual activity

It is no secret that our sex life often depends on our mood and state of the organism. Not seduce a man intimate games on a full stomach, and a woman betrays passion if it perenervnichala or her aches. Suggested Diet promises to remove the discomfort associated with digestion and excessive excitability of the psyche, as well as adjust your string ornanizma the desired wave. Long time.

We start the morning with a cup of cold water. You can do light exercises, but not necessarily every day. 20 minutes later one eats fruit. Chores, morning toilet. After half an hour – breakfast.

Breakfast (8:00 – 9:00)
Porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, barley) with skim milk and fresh fruit.
2 eggs or cottage cheese (150 g) or cheese (30 g, hard or soft).
Bread made from whole grains.
Tea, green tea, herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee.

Snack in the afternoon (optional)
Tomato juice.
Fresh vegetables.
Hot broth.

Bread made from whole grains.
Fresh salad of raw vegetables.
Fresh vegetables or soup.
Lean meat, fish, poultry or seafood.

Afternoon snack

Fresh fruit with nuts or seeds (many nuts are potent aphrodisiacs).

Large salad of raw seasonal vegetables.
Lean meat, fish, poultry or seafood (also an aphrodisiac).
Baked potatoes, green peas, corn, rice or other grain side dish.
Fresh fruit.

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