Diet for a flat stomach

This diet is designed to make your tummy beautiful. It is built so that it burns fat in the waist and correctly adjusts the gastrointestinal tract. Diet for a flat stomach consists of two items – a healthy diet and correct exercise.

1. Food

1. Eliminate salt.
2. Say “no” to alcohol.
3. Try not to eat white bread and all kinds of sweets.
4. Eat fractional (often – about five times a day, but small portions).
5. Eat more watercress, oranges and lemons (you can add lemon juice to salads, baked fish with lemon wedges and so on).
6. Give up coffee, replacing it with green tea without sugar.
7. On the day try to drink at least one and a half liters of clean drinking water without gas.

Tentative menu

Breakfast: 1 egg, cooked boiled, 1 toast
Snack: 1 apple or 1 orange
Dinner: 200 grams of fish (baked, boiled, steamed, not fried) or 200 grams of chicken, cooked by one of the proposed methods, vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice.
Snack: a bowl of soup without meat (vegetable soup or soup with cereals).
Dinner: 200 grams of beef (roasted, boiled, steamed, not fried), 1 orange.

2. Exercises for stomach

In addition to the rules of supply, which have been mentioned above, it is important to do a few simple exercises.
Sit on a chair. Now straighten your back and move your knees together. Feet should be fully pressed to the floor. Against the chest chin and hands forward. Exhale, tighten your stomach and as slowly as possible lean forward. Now try to touch the floor. Inhale, exhale. Go back again to the starting position and repeat this simple exercise at least three times. Ezhedenevno try to increase the number of repetitions per. It is worth to wrap and twist.

Comply with this diet can be any long – you get one good without harm to health.

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