Diet “Fluff”

This diet for weight loss, calculated for a week, came up with the usual Russian woman named Irina, who lost weight on their own by 35 kilograms. “When I lost the first 11 pounds, my husband said that I had become as light as a feather, so I decided to call it a diet that way,” – says the author.

In the “Fluff” only four products: barley porridge, yogurt, fish and cabbage.

How to cook porridge
At night, cover with cold water 100g pearl barley. In the morning, wash the swollen seeds until the water runs clear. Cover with water and simmer until barley is tender (about 20 minutes). Porridge can be a bit of salt, but if for you it does not matter, it is better to do without salt. The resulting mush divide into 5 equal parts, each of which you will eat in five receptions.

Diet menu “Fluff”
Breakfast: Part barley porridge, a cup of yogurt.
Brunch: Part barley porridge.
Lunch: some pearl porridge, a piece of fish (boiled, baked or steamed).
Snack: Part barley porridge, fresh cabbage without restrictions.
Dinner: barley porridge last part.

The whole day is recommended to drink as much clean drinking water and green tea.

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