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Famous surgeon, Professor Theodore G. Corners almost always weighed about 65 kilograms. He lived a long (103 years) and highly productive life, with different enviable health. Fyodor even got into the Guinness Book – he is recognized the world’s oldest operating surgeon. Not plump and maintain good health doctor Uglov helped optimistic attitude towards life and the observance of certain rules.

Professor Corner claimed that overweight and immoderation in food are the causes of many diseases, which could be avoided or cured, not leading up to surgery if patients just abandoned frills. Excess weight brings efficiency and reduced immunity, changes in the composition of blood, in particular, the increase in cholesterol and joint problems. Especially important doctor believed preservation of normal weight in adulthood, when the metabolism slows down, and physical activity is usually reduced.

Professor himself Corners kept to a ripe old age in good health thanks to strict adherence to personally derived rules:

– High activity, both physical and mental;
– Observance of work and leisure;
– Hardening (dousing with cold water);
– Restful sleep at least 7-8 hours a day;
– Complete abstinence from alcohol and smoking;
– Food restrictions.

The doctor recommended eating varied, but in moderation. Most healthy foods he considered eggs, lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, advised to always include in your daily diet cottage cheese and other dairy products and do not limit yourself to fluid intake. But from white bread and sweets recommended refusing Corners – bread, in his opinion, it is better to use only black, and in small amounts – no more than 150 grams per day. It was also suggested to abandon the use of smoked and salted foods. Meals should be frequent – at least 4 per day, but better to do small portions.

To lose weight, Fyodor advised every two months on a diet, which he called “Oriental”. According to the doctor, this diet allows you to get rid of 3-5 pounds, and is also excellent for cleansing the body. Diet doctor Uglova can be classified as benign – it is well balanced, easy to carry, does not require a rigorous calorie counting. Eat doctor recommended by the hour – So to maintain optimum intervals between meals. However, if you want to diet can be adapted to the daily routine.

Daily diet diet doctor Uglova

9:00 – black tea or organic coffee with 1 teaspoon sugar.
11:00 – 1 boiled egg, 8 prunes, soaked in water.
14:00 – 200 grams of lean cooked meat (chicken, beef, lean pork), 100 grams of fresh or cooked cabbage or carrots, 1 orange.
17:00 – 30 grams of solid low-fat cheese, orange or apple.
20:00 – 250 ml yogurt, yogurt, yogurt without additives.

Besides diet, weight loss may help doctors and other rules Uglova:

Come out from the table, when you feel that it is not gorged. If you realize that you can no longer swallow a morsel – you ate too much, and it certainly will affect the well-being and weight.

Do not lie down after eating or sleep or rest. Once eaten, immediately get to work.

The last meal should end in a few hours before bedtime – it is better not later than 20 pm. In addition, it should be easy – give up abundant options in favor of any cup dairy drink.

Even if you are not a Christian – do not neglect the church positions. Dr. Corner respected the wisdom of ancestors and believed that proper fasting brings only one favor. From time to time give up animal products, reduce the amount of food consumed, and you will not only get rid of a few pounds overweight, but feel much better.

Try to increase the flow of energy – move as soon as possible, go for long walks, do a workout, if your work does not involve physical activity.

Eating foods with artificial additives Fyodor considered uniquely inflicting serious harm to the body. The simpler and more natural your food is, the more chances you have to maintain health and live a long life.

On any contraindications to comply with his proposed diet Fyodor Corners did not mention. However, before going on a diet Uglova, as with any dietary restrictions, you should consult with your doctor, especially if you have chronic kidney disease or digestive organs.

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