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American Diet Dr. Michael Rafael Moreno is particularly suitable for those who are preparing for the big event, which must be present in all its glory. First results are visible after a few days, the desired shape is achieved to complete the first 17-day phase. In performance-based diet Moreno is accelerating metabolism. Nutritionists say that 17 days is enough to metabolism was reconstructed in the maximum burning mode of dietary calories.

Michael Moreno diet consists of four phases, each of which performs a specific task. The first three stages last for 17 days, the fourth – not limited. Diet and suggests additional physical activity, but to spend long hours in the gym you do not have – Moreno recommends short workouts, jogging or brisk walking, and the duration of employment is quite small – just 17 minutes. Moreno said that the secret diet – in constant change in caloric intake that does not allow the body to adapt and re-start saving fat reserves.

The first stage – “Acceleration”

This step is the most difficult. Caloric content of the daily diet in the first stage is no more than 1200 calories, but weight loss in 17 days, an average of 5-6 pounds. You have to give up quite a lot of products.

Excluded: Starchy vegetables, cereals, sweet fruits (bananas and grapes), fats (except flaxseed oil or olive oil, with no more than 2 tablespoons a day), “fast carbs” diverse “salinity”.

Allowed: lean meat (beef, chicken), fish, cheese, low-fat cheeses, containing no starch vegetables, unsweetened fruit. Dairy products are allowed under the condition of low content of fat. Allowed eggs, but try to confine proteins – yolks can eat no more than 4 per week. If you absolutely can not do without the sweet – can be added to tea or coffee a little honey or stevia powder. Before breakfast is recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon juice. Portions try to do little to contain 1200 kcal recommended dietitian. Fruits should eat in the morning. Daily consumption of dairy products with probiotics necessary.

Approximate daily menu stage “Acceleration”

Breakfast: scrambled eggs from two eggs, grapefruit, tea.
Lunch: salad of fresh vegetables with chicken meat.
Snack: natural yogurt without sugar, fresh berries or green apple.
Dinner: boiled chicken breast with steam carrots and asparagus.

The second stage – “Activation”

Now that you’ve inspired the first results, you are invited to expand a little diet, returning it “slow carbs” – cereals, grain bread or starchy vegetables. Upotrbelyat recommended them in the first half of the day. To reset process excess weight did not stop Moreno offers a system of “food zigzags” – you alternate days with low calorie intake with a more “full” days. Thus, one day you will eat the same as in the first stage, and caloric intake of the second day you can lift up to 1500 kcal.

Approximate daily menu stage “Activation”

Breakfast: Diet bread or oatmeal water, peach, green tea.
Lunch: chicken breast with brown rice and a salad of fresh vegetables.
Snack: natural yogurt without sugar, fresh berries.
Dinner: Salmon baked on a grill with vegetables.

The third stage – “Achievement”

In daily menu introduced sweet fruit, but the number of protein products is somewhat limited. “Slow carbs” are still allowed and even encouraged. At this stage is often marked slowing of weight loss – do not worry, the main result is almost reached, the main task now – to fix it. In the third phase diet Moreno permits alcohol or sweets, but calorie “sweet snack” should not exceed 100 calories – choose a piece of dark chocolate or a small bar muesli. Not superfluous to recall that under the implied alcohol dry wine, not beer or sweet liqueurs. Weight Portion protein product at this stage may not exceed 150 grams.

Approximate daily menu stage “Achievement”

Breakfast: boiled egg, green tea, grapefruit, whole wheat loaf.
Lunch: vegetable salad with chicken meat.
Snack: Fruit salad with natural yogurt or any unsweetened fresh fruit, green tea, whole loaf.
Dinner: boiled lean pork, fresh vegetable salad, green tea.

The fourth stage – “Maintenance”

By this stage you have reached your desired weight. From now allowed “bad” foods like cakes, pizza and kebab, but they can be used no more than once a week or two, increasing caloric intake by no more than 300-400 calories. Otherwise be recommended steady diet of products approved in the third cycle. If you are still unhappy with the result – complete 17-day cycles “Activation” and “Achievement” again.

Approximate daily menu stage “Maintenance”

Breakfast: scrambled eggs 2-3 eggs, green tea, grapefruit.
Lunch: grilled salmon, salad of fresh vegetables, green tea.
Snack: fruit or fruit juice, natural yogurt without sugar, whole grain bread.
Dinner: roast beef or lean pork, vegetable salad, baked potato.

Contraindications: The diet is not recommended for those who have chronic kidney disease or digestive organs. Before using diet should consult a specialist or a nutritionist.

Diet Dr. Moreno is easy to adapt to any national cuisine. If you need to lose a little weight before any celebration, you can restrict the first step if you are interested in a long-term result – please be patient and go through the prescribed diet Moreno steps until the end.

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