Diet Dr. Mirkin

Dr. VI system Mirkin has been designed with them in terms of nutrition and psychotherapy. The system also is called “Diet exceptions”, and, in addition to nutritional advice, which are not so much a diet as a prerequisite to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also includes psychological aspects and nuances of weight loss.

Following the procedure of Dr. Mirkin, you must comply with several conditions:
1. Recognize personal responsibility for their figure.
2. Testing a real desire to normalize weight.
3. Have motives for weight loss, that is, the motivation.
4. Define your ideal goal weight, the amount of excess weight, and the timing of the plan.
5. Build a new model of eating behavior, accustom yourself to follow it. Make a habit of proper nutrition.
6. Take the first step.
7. Clearly follow the chosen path.

The very same power system is carbohydrate-free diet, weight loss reaches 7-10 pounds per month depending on the starting weight. Given that the system is not so much a diet as a way of healthy eating, its duration can be from one month to an unlimited period of time. Advantages of the system can be assumed that the diet does not involve cooking features; brings no discomfort, including hunger and – most importantly, do not overeat, and in the intervals between meals as snacks allowed 100 grams of vegetables and 30% carbohydrate ( cabbage, beets, radishes, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes).

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