Diet Dr. Kwasniewski

Polish nutritionist Ian Kasnevsky advises actively consume fatty food, forgetting about fashionable diets: fruit, kefir, etc.
Like the vast number of nutritionists, he recommends eating in a calm atmosphere, chew food and relax while eating. Just Kwasniewski advised to rest after eating a certain amount of time and begin physical activity within a few hours.

In principle, many nutritionists confirm his thoughts, but here is a list of recommended foods can lead to a state of stupor.

Diet is in essence that must be consumed as it is, which gives a lot of energy and is easy to digest, namely, animal fats, and proteins. Kvasnevky considers fruits and vegetables extra work for the body, and these products can be replaced by an ordinary drinking water – it will be easier.

From fiber Kwasniewski offers completely abandon, because it is not absorbed by the body.
This begs the question: “What is then?” It’s very simple: eggs, meat, milk and pork, and the fatter the better. Foods containing carbohydrates, Kwasniewski said, can be used sometimes, but at least, for example, several kartoshinu per day or one slice of bread.

With regard to mealtimes there is no limit, i.e. there is need, when wanted.
Pass on this diet dietician recommends once, and he assures us that in a few months the weight returns to normal: complete lose weight, get fat and thin, while feeling a surge of strength and energy.

Kwasniewski have many followers who practice his system for many years, joining clubs and discussing this diet.

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