Diet Dr. Horvath

Diet developed Czech dietitian D. Horvath. Those extra pounds melt away gradually, thereby achieving a more stable result. Conducted diet for a week, you can lose 3 to 5 kg.

Featured products in diet D. Horvat:
lean meat and meat products (ham, sausage)
lean fish
low-fat milk and milk products
vegetables and fruits
eggs, crackers
tea, coffee, fruit juices, mineral water
xylitol or other similar Sweetener

Sample menu for the week:

1 day
1st breakfast – boiled egg, tea or black coffee with sweetener, rusk.
2nd breakfast – 100 g apples.
Lunch – 130 g lean boiled beef, 100 grams of boiled potatoes with salt (no fat), 200 grams of salad of raw vegetables, black coffee with xylitol, mineral water.
Afternoon tea – tea with xylitol, 100 g of fruit.
Dinner – 80 g lean ham, egg, 100 grams of vegetables, 10 g butter, juice.

Day 2
1st breakfast – a cup of tea with sweetener, rusk.
2nd breakfast – 200 g carrot salad.
Lunch – 50 g stewed beef, 150 grams of melon, 100 g potatoes, mineral water.
Snack – coffee with milk (100 g), and xylitol.
Dinner – 150 grams of baked fish fillets, 150 g spinach, mineral water.

Day 3
1st breakfast – ham 30 g, 20 g of crackers, tea with sweetener.
2nd breakfast – 150 g of grapefruit.
Dinner – 150 grams of meat with carrots and potatoes (200 g).
Snack – a glass of tomato juice.
Dinner – potatoes (100 g) cream cheese (50 g), mineral water.

Day 4
1st breakfast – 50 g cream cheese, 30 g of bread, a cup of tea with sweetener.
2nd breakfast – 150 g of orange.
Dinner – 150 grams of chicken, 100 g potatoes, 150 g cucumber salad.
Snack – 150 g apples.
Dinner – egg omelet with ham (2 eggs, 30 grams of ham), 150 grams of salad tomato juice.

Day 5
1st breakfast – 100 g cheese, 30 g of bread, a cup of tea with sweetener.
2nd breakfast – 100 g of berries or fruits.
Lunch – 150 g of boiled meat, 100 grams of potatoes, a glass compote.
Snack – a glass of buttermilk.
Dinner – vegetable salad, juice or mineral water.

Day 6
1st breakfast – watermelon or apples.
2nd breakfast – 200 g carrot salad.
Dinner – 100 grams of beef with sauce, 100 g potato, 50 g cabbage salad.
Snack – 50 g radish.
Dinner – mushrooms (100 g) with egg, cucumber salad, mineral water.

Day 7
1st breakfast – 50 g cheese, 20 g of crackers, a glass of tea with sweetener.
2nd breakfast – a glass of milk.
Dinner – 150 grams of roast pork, 100 g potatoes, 100 g of different vegetables.
Snack – coffee with milk (100 g of both), 200 g baked beans, mineral water.
Dinner – a glass of buttermilk biscuits.

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