Diet Dr. Barusheka

Diet Australian nutritionist Dr. Barusheka fully balanced, contains about 1200-1500 calories a day and well tolerated. Not all products are easy to buy, but they can be found more than a simple replacement.

(Option 1)
1 small piece of fruit or dried fruit (20 g, 50 Cal), plus dry flakes 50 gr. or 1 cup of cereal + milk finished

(Option 2)
1 fruit + 1 egg or cheese 20g

2 slices of bread (60gr.) or 4 crackers or cracker, allowed a little butter or 30 grams of nuts. 60g chicken or turkey or lean beef
or 100g. tuna in water
or 70 g of salmon
or 30g cheese
or cottage cheese 100g
75 or ricotta cheese
or 1/2 cup (120 g) nonfat yogurt
or 200 grams of yogurt Resolution count
or 100g Baked Beans
or 25 grams of nuts + large plate of salad (no fat)
1 fruit or
or 20 grams of dried fruit.

Vegetable soup + 100g lean meat (weight of finished)
or 125 grams of chicken breast without skin
or 90 grams of chicken legs (skinless)
or 150g of fish (no fat)
beans or 200g + 1 small potato
or 1/2 cup rice / pasta
or 1kus. bread (+ fats from Resolution) + vegetable salad without fat + fruit + low-calorie jelly.

Permitted fats: (140 calories)
4 tsp oil
or 3 tsp sunflower oil
or 1 1/2 st.l.mayoneza
or 1/2 avocado or nuts 30g.

Between meals: water, tea, fruit, raw vegetables, milk. not forbidden to take a multivitamin while you sit on this diet.

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