Diet by Pierre Ducane

Pierre Ducane developed a new French diet, due to which women lose a large amount of extra pounds. This diet not only promotes weight loss, but also leads our body to normal.

Let’s take a closer look at diet Pierre Ducane:

Diet is divided into a number of important steps in which you have to drink 2 liters of water a day, move a lot, to include training and start using bran.


1) The first stage includes the power of chicken or turkey, liver, beef, ham, seafood, fish, eggs and dairy products.

2) The second stage allows to eat bran, raw vegetables or stewed, milk.

3) The third step allows to consume products from the first and second stages, as well as fruits. But other than grapes, bananas. You can also include eating potatoes, beans, pasta, but not much.

4) And the last step allows to eat everything that is written above. But do not forget to use it every day bran.

Each stage is designed for 3 days. First, you will feel that you can not lose weight on this, but it is not. Women lose and 10 kg on a diet, if you observe it properly.

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