Diet Baron Baptiste

This diet is designed by the renowned yoga teacher, Baron Baptiste (Baron Baptiste), who created his own program “Baptiste Power Yoga.” The program involves intensive physical activity with rapid change poses, and must undergo training in a very warm room, with an air temperature of about 30 degrees. Warmed air speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body and helps to speed up metabolism. Yoga classes at the Baptist helps get rid of excess weight and strengthen muscles. Besides exercise, Baptist considers mandatory food on special system, involving the rejection of semi-finished products, alcohol and foods containing sugar and any artificial additives.

The seven-day diet Baron Baptiste is designed to cleanse the body, quick release excess weight and prepare for the transition to a useful and natural food. In addition, this diet is good restores normal metabolic rate. For seven days, you can get rid of 3-4 pounds. The result will be more noticeable if simultaneously with the diet you start to increase physical activity.

Seven days you will have to abandon the use of sugar, alcohol, foods that contain caffeine. Also completely eliminated all dairy products except yogurt that does not contain sugar and fruit additives. After a week of diet milk can again return to the diet.

First and second days

Immediately after waking up: 1 cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

Breakfast: any fruit or fresh fruit juice, a cup of yogurt, decaffeinated tea (preferably herbal). To add a little fruit pine nuts.

Lunch: 1 protein dish, 1 carbohydrate dish serving salad, seasoned with vinegar or lemon juice (or vinegar, use balsamic fruit). This will be your biggest meal of the day.

Afternoon snack: fresh fruit or vegetables.

Dinner: 1 protein dish, 1 carbohydrate meal, a portion of salad. For dessert, enjoy fresh or baked fruit. Portions should be less than lunch.

Under protein meals means: lean meat (chicken breast) or fish, soy meat. Must prepare for a couple, can be baked in the oven, but the oil when baking can not add. Portion of the protein product is approximately equal to the size of your hand (not counting fingers).

Carbohydrate meal recommended by Baron Baptiste – boiled brown rice, lentils, and other foods containing complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrate portion by volume must be no larger than your clenched fist.

Third, fourth and fifth days

Allowed only fruit. These days the developer diet calls unloading. Fruits can be eaten in any amounts and combinations, as a salad, baked. Allowed fresh juices. I would like, however, to recall the high calorie fruits such as bananas and grapes. Do not be put off by the limited menu – it is assumed that the first two days to prepare you for the reduction of the daily diet, and hunger will not annoy you greatly, moreover, almost everywhere selection of fruit is large enough, regardless of the season, and you’ve found the easy three-day food to taste.

Note that in these three days are allowed to drink fruit tomatoes and avocado – strictly speaking, they are also fruits. Make salads, tucking their apple or balsamic vinegar to diversify fruit diet.

Sixth and seventh days

Menu of the last two days to the menu of the first two.

At the end of the seven-day diet, if you follow the recommendations of Baron Baptiste, you should not go back to the old way of eating – go for natural products, gradually expanding the diet. Later, you can include in the menu dairy products, fats, starchy vegetables, but if you want to keep the newfound ease as long as possible – from sugar, fatty meats and other banned products supply system Baptista have to give.

Consider diet Baron Baptiste in isolation from physical activity would be unwise – his way of eating designed specifically for those who engaged in yoga on entered Baptist program. If you do not close yoga or you can not start training – find another way to systematically deal with, it can be fitness, dancing or swimming. Supportive menu will help you speed up your metabolism and balance the flow and loss of calories.

Contraindications: pregnancy, chronic kidney disease or gastrointestinal tract, diabetes. Before using diet should consult a specialist or a nutritionist.

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