Diet Angelina Jolie “Crude”

Essence of the diet as a sex symbol and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie is to eat foods in their raw form. When the products are not subjected to heat treatment, they retain all the valuable substances and trace elements and also better absorbed.

The basis of the diet – raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, sprouted grains, greens, a variety of herbs and spices. Allowed porridge with honey and fruit of the grains, which become soft without cooking procedures. For example, buckwheat and oat groats enough rinse well and soak in water overnight.

Now advice from Hollywood diva:

– As an animal protein should eat low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, seafood, poultry without skin, fish. Poultry and fish should be steamed, boil or bake in the oven.

– To speed up metabolism you need to drink green tea, clean water without gas and juices without sugar. Angelina also advises ginger tea, which detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system.

– It is desirable to include in the diet cereals rich in fiber. Unfortunately, store cereals contain too much sugar, so the actress advises buy several cereals in pure form and add there own dried fruits.

– Supper slim Jolie always recommends cold vegetable soups like gazpacho.

– Compulsory engaged in fitness, otherwise you will have stretch marks.

Please be very difficult physically and psychologically to move immediately to a raw food diet. So to start Angelina Jolie recommends eating raw food at least once a day. Or to arrange a fasting days on fruits and vegetables.

“It is important to ask the opinion of his body that he wants to eat at the moment. Sometimes I close my eyes and ask what it wants my body – soup, cereal, vegetables or fruit? And get an answer that allows me to eat with pleasure, and this is important. Even if you were planning another menu, listen to your stomach “- advises beauty wishing to lose weight.

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