Diet “5 Processed cheese”

Diet for “light eaters.” Daily diet rich in necessary nutrients, but small amounts of food and satiety does not come immediately. The first few days will always want to eat, it is necessary in this case, drinking a glass of water. Diet requires willpower, but after five days of leave of up to 3 kg, which is ideal for weight loss “to date” or pohudatelnye prevention.

For five days, you will need:

bottle of good white wine 0.7
5 boiled eggs,
5 Processed cheese,
5 large tomatoes,
5 large apples,
5 cucumbers or peppers (sweet peppers)
1 kg of nonfat cottage cheese,
greens, so it was not boring and insipid

10:00 Coffee without sugar + processed cheese,
12:00 Tomato + egg + greens
14:00 Apple
16:00 200 gr. paprika or cheese + cucumber + greens,
20:00 Glass of wine

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