Creek during childbirth Cry – do not cry. Sing!

Why men should not be taken at birth?

We childhood even movies accustomed to scenes of birth of the child in the cries of the future mother. This cry during labor, we used to be understood as an expression of the most horrible pain. And in our subconscious mind develops a clear association: birth – Pain – scream.

Before birth we are tormented by the question not only a painful process, but also how we will behave there as we shout, especially if the partnerships childbirth. Some moms believe that scream during childbirth – a natural process. Others are of the opinion that the cry may adversely affect the baby, to instill in him a sense of guilt for the pain my mother. Doctors also react differently to mothers cry: someone approvingly, and someone and “ask” does not scream like … By the way, the people prenatal chamber is often called “chants”.


We have come to associate with only a cry of pain, fright, surprise. Most likely, this is due to childhood memories. Newborns, for example, having no other opportunities to express their emotions and pain, cry a lot. But based on biomechanics, cry – it’s just a bluff involuntary exhalation, supported by voice.

Conducted study of the feasibility of evolutionary appearance of shouting, or rather cry in pain. Hypotheses were many, and still they are not entirely convincing. The studies were conducted on animals. In animals, we often look for not only the explanation of the behavior, but also the strength of the recovery and the acquisition of power, such as for yoga or martial arts. But the cry of the martial arts – it is rather a tool mystique fighting culture.

So, some basic theories need to shout:

  • cry – it is an opportunity to appeal for help;
  • cry – a way samoobezbolivaniya due to violations of oxygen delivery to brain cells due to the mechanism of crying;
  • cry – is to run the activation of the nerve centers, which are responsible for the suppression of excessive pain – the most modern hypothesis, but not proven.

Voice methods

We have become accustomed to many sources of information, courses for pregnant women offer us learn proper breathing during labor and delivery, breathing training . But vocal technique – this is still quite a novelty. And in them is so frightening scream transforms into a special singing. Childbirth, pain during them much easier if she sings sounds on a low note, synchronizing it with the singing of the fray and was still with the diastole of the bout. Physiologically, this mechanism has proved difficult, but the psychological component is obvious. It is monotonous, low sound has a calming effect. Interestingly, some mothers themselves are moving to this low chanting instinctively during the active phase of the first stage of labor. It is even a signal for activation of childbirth professional, experienced obstetrician-gynecologists. When teaching voice technique uses a set of exercises-gudelok.

Singing can not be considered a sufficient means of anesthesia, so do not give up the sound purpose doctor anesthetic. It is in the first stage of labor can be quite vocal technique, or try a light rapid breathing. The second stage of labor excludes categorically cry, and singing is also undesirable. Expulsion of the fetus from the uterus requires absolute involvement of the diaphragm and respiratory muscles. Besides, it is necessary to clearly hear the advice of a doctor. Eruption of the head, the birth of the body, too, has already cost without bright sound.

So scream during childbirth or sing – the choice is yours. The main thing that it gave you relief and comfort. And we need to be sure that it is really for the benefit of the very process of childbirth. Therefore it is better not to rely on the case – even if you teach the instructor in preparation for childbirth .

Good you birth!

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