Choosing a stroller for your baby

The need to purchase wheelchairs, as well as any other products for babies, a disputable issue. This article will be useful to those who understand that to pull myself out of the store and a bag of groceries and a child is difficult. And also to those who agree with the statement that the child is sometimes pleasant to lie in a wheelchair in a relaxed horizontal position than hang on to my mother. Slings and backpacks Kangaroo – a great invention, but only for their wise use in addition to the stroller.

Employees of baby goods stores usually competent enough to give a full description of the product. However, their goal is not to be operated comfortably with your new purchase. Rather, their task will be the implementation of the most expensive models or products that are longest at the moment. Given the trained salesperson and your position, it is likely that the starting choice pram in the shop, then you will be disappointed acquisition. Therefore, going to buy a stroller, even at home you need to decide on performance.


What to consider when choosing a vehicle for your baby?

The first thing you need to decide whether you want to buy a stroller once and use it until the moment when the baby learns to walk fully, or you know exactly what you two or three years get tired of one and the same carriage. In the first case you fit convertible stroller in a few simple movements of the cradle turns in sitting stroller promenade. A positive aspect of this case is the cost savings. The second would have to buy the first pipe for a newborn, and then transplanted to the adult child in a light and maneuverable stroller promenade.

Very important role in choosing stroller with size. If you plan to travel with this stroller in the elevator, it has to go to enter the normal operating condition. So before you buy you need to measure the width and length of the elevator. The width is best measured at its narrowest point, the door. Measurement record and take with you to the store where we again measured, but now the stroller. The width of the stroller should measure around the widest points, on the outside vizkovyh wheels. Length measured from the most protruding parts back to the pen carriage. Be careful: safely get into the elevator and get out of it is sometimes not easy.

Price. Brand stroller cost expensive: the price of them start at one thousand five hundred dollars and sometimes equal to prices on used foreign cars. There are strollers mid-market, from four hundred to a thousand dollars. In this range you can pick up a good option, easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Cheap strollers, from one hundred to three hundred dollars, too, are comfortable and look good. But among them will have to choose more carefully. In any case, to decide how much you spend on a stroller, only you can decide, based on your financial capabilities.

Another detail – wheelchair maneuverability. Fully assess this parameter stroller in the store is difficult. Ask the seller a permission to test their product directly on the trading floor. If you normally passed through the narrow aisles, not pozbyvaly anything from the shelves and made with a minimum of effort, most of all, transportation is quite convenient to manage. Do not ignore the advice of experienced mothers: they can give you a good recommendation.

Modern Mom when choosing strollers also have to decide whether it is important for the brand. Sometimes there are situations that Mom just can not appear in public with cheap Chinese sidecar. Are you sure that is the case? For example, if you plan to spend most of the time with a newborn in the country, does not care what is written on board the carriage, riding along a forest trail.

The presence of optional accessories can hardly be considered an advantage when choosing a stroller. Raincoats, mosquito nets and bag for mom to be more pleasant addition. From the color of the future for the baby carriage can be defined in advance or on the spot. By the way, this seemingly maloznachyma characteristics usually greatly affects the mood mother. So prefer bright, cheerful colors.

So you are on the verge of significant purchase. Decided on the basic characteristics, and then feel free to go to the store and then not what the seller is willing to offer you, and that it will fully meet your requirements.

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