Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Diet

If you have elevated cholesterol, then you just need to lower it. To do this you need to follow the cholesterol diet. I want to offer you a rough menu when cholesterol diet recipes.

First of all, you should know that it is necessary to eat several times a day and in small portions.

So, the food menu with cholesterol diet:

1) Breakfast

  • Kefir (1st Class), carrot jam and bread grain.
  • Are natural juice (1st Class), cottage cheese (120g).
  • Otvarnaya Beans (10g), bread grain (25g).

Choose one of three options for breakfast.

2) Dinner

  • Otvarnoe Chicken (90g), crusty bread (25g), vegetable salad with vegetable oil.
  • The Raw material (50 g), corn bread (25g), vegetable salad with spices.
  • Mintay (90g), boiled potatoes (100g), apple.

Choose one of three options

3) Dinner

  • Grechnevaya Porridge (50g), boiled chicken (90g), coleslaw.
  • Tvorog (200g), corn bread (25g), apple.
  • Kartofel Boiled (100g), boiled fish (90g), orange.

Choose one of three options.

Can rotate all the options one by one, as you will be comfortable. The main thing is that your body returns to normal.

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