Childbirth today and childbirth 50 years ago – what more?

Unique results were obtained in studies of new representatives of the National Institutes of Health. Scientists compared the moderngeneration to generation in the 1960s, found a greater duration of the first of them.

Duration of delivery in our time increased by two to three hours, compared with childbirth in the past. Increased duration occurs in the first stage of labor. Mothers are older, fuller and give birth to bigger kids.Yet researchers do not consider it a sufficient basis for such temporary changes.

Important factor to prolong the duration of labor in modern obstetrics has become an epidural . Today it is used much more frequently than in those years. Epidurals can slow labor for a period of approximately 40 minutes. up to 1.5 hours.

Another reason for the alleged delay childbirth – Fetal fetal monitoring. Its implementation requires a permanent location on the mothers back or side. But births are more effective when driving mom disclose hips, allowing gravity to work on the accelerated release of the child.

The duration of labor affects hospital environment, medical support delivery. This convinced researchers. In 60 years of medical support can not be described as an ideal childbirth. Even used a drug that could cause amnesia in mothers. But just as there were many women who had a vaginal birth without medication. Today, increasingly used unnecessarily constant fetal monitoring. A highly trained staff are not always willing to be constantly present during prolonged labor. That is, they are not ready all the time to help a woman in labor in the natural development of generic events. The hormone oxytocin is triggered by fear and much bright light.Perhaps that is why some childbirth slow down when mothers come to the hospital. There is an assumption that in the 60s to make more efforts to provide maternity support not only natural, but also privacy in childbirth.

Single cause an unambiguous effect on the duration of labor determine scientists have failed. But they are convinced that today it is necessary to establish new norms flow of labor, under which one could adjust our expectations. And we need to decide something with an increased number of unjustified caesarean section and induction of labor.

Should be revised concept of “abnormal childbirth” and the timing of delivery. Otherwise, it becomes unrealistic our perception of the generative process, the risk of non-progressors called normal birth delivery. Often it is, in turn, increases the likelihood of use of stimulant drugs, which is not really needed.

How to speed up labor and natural ways to numb, modern teaching childbirth preparation courses for childbirth and maternity practices . This is one of the most effective ways today not to get into Statistics cesarean delivery or stimulation.

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