Childbirth. Real Facts

Stereotypes about childbirth, pledged to us from childhood moms, aunts, movies, books and “experienced” friends often prevent us to properly prepare for the actual birth. Psychologists say that realistic expectations and perceptions of childbirth help women take birth much easier. So, a few real facts about childbirth.

Due date – this may not be the day, and a month 

Gestational age may be generally from 38 to 42 weeks. Installed due date is always presumed, but not accurate. In nulliparous in most cases kids are born 4 days after the deadline. On the whole, children often come to light before or after the expected life. So no need to tune to a specific date accurately.

The settings of your doctor depends largely on labor

Even before birth, check with your doctor (if you give birth by arrangement) about his approach to childbirth. Can also learn about the opinion of his former doctor childbirth, for example, the parent forum . There are doctors who aspire to natural childbirth. There are those who prefer to use the current capabilities, starting with an epidural. Of shared beliefs doctor depends birthing process. To maintain the adequacy of its own, it is important to remember that childbirth – a natural process that requires active care only in emergency cases.

Do not want to learn about the position and the hospital in which you will give birth. Today many maternity hospital “for” birth partner.

Childbirth – it does not show and not a movie scene or a book 

As soon as we hear the word “birth”, there is a picture in front of us: an unexpected discharge of water, strong contractions, an urgent call a taxi or ambulance screaming woman standing grasping his stomach … – panic and pain in his prime. In reality, often a doctor at one of the planned reception announces the start of the changes in the uterus. You think through the visit to the hospital. With the onset of regular contractions call a taxi, call a doctor. Come to the hospital … Childbirth – not the easiest process, but not a constant pain or surgical manipulation. Yelling at birth – it’s not mandatory accompaniment. There are modern methods of voice singing of birth, which relieve pain and help and mother and baby. And some women have no sound at all. It is very individual.

Childbirth – it is not a single process, and some periods 

Childbirth – a dynamic process. The first stage of labor is the most long and monotonous. The transition to the active stage of labor will require breathing techniques, skills push may anesthesia. The very process of giving birth – is significantly different from all others. But despite the pain, the woman usually is in action that is morally facilitates this period.

After reviewing all the stages of labor, rules of conduct in them, can greatly facilitate the birth process itself and the child’s birth.childbirth preparation courses – ideal professional help from a qualified training instructor and other specialists.

Early stage of labor can wait at home 

Not necessarily at the first battles rush to the hospital. Call your doctor or trainer to prepare for childbirth, consult. For nulliparous considered a sign of a trip to the hospital contractions every 4 minutes, a 1 minute period of time and the recurrence of such clashes – 1:00.

Doctor will not be with you all the time of delivery 

Doctor, midwife mom needed in most cases only during the expulsion of the child. In the early stages you can be yourself with other Pregnant Women or husband. The doctor, the midwife will only come to you from time to time to check the dynamics of the process.

Stimulation frequently leads to cesarean 

During childbirth indications can be assigned induction of labor . After its use increases the risk of cesarean section. One reason: the introduction of stimulation may require certain mothers sedentary position. This makes it difficult to help mothers in childbirth itself and increases pain. Most doctors recommend to refrain from drug stimulation unless absolutely necessary.

Epidurals – is not the only way to survive childbirth 

Epidural anesthesia is not ideal. As well as any kind of intervention, epidural contraindications and may be complications. It happens that the early introduction of an epidural slows down the process of birth, and it sometimes requires additional medical intervention. On the other hand in protracted labor, epidural mothers fatigue can be a real help to speedup the process of cervical dilatation. Learn medicinal methods of pain management: taking a warm bath, breathing techniques, massage anesthetic partner and self-massage, etc.

Childbirth – a natural process 

Genera are given to us as an opportunity to have children of nature. Cramping, pain – it is not the pain of injury and part of the process, which can be influenced. Our body is designed so that it changes occur throughout pregnancy, giving birth to the possibility of the baby was a natural. Prepare for childbirth during pregnancy on any terms. Courses for pregnant women, the right diet, yoga for pregnant women , gymnastics or water aerobics, regular sleep maximally prepare you for a successful birth.

Ideal births are rare. It is important to remember that the purpose of giving birth – it is not a painless process, and a healthy baby.

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