Childbirth on the side

Childbirth on the side while the increase among European hospital. MaternityUkraine have not yet entered this position in the traditional practice. This position is offered only at birth in some of them.

Childbirth at his side have their indications, contraindications, and the peculiarities of doing.

Technique of the posture on the side, one leg bent mothers, the other leg rests on the crossbar maternity section. Usually this position during labor is used on the right side.

The positive effect of posture on the side on the birth weight of your baby is not compressing large abdominal vessels, in contrast to the situation on the back.

Pain in childbirth on the side of less palpable. Minimized perineal tears during childbirth.

It is important to note that the posture on the side leads to rapid fatigue. But between the vain attempts exactly this pose helps maternity relax more.

Childbirth on the side recommended expectant mothers who have high blood pressure is observed.

Posture on the side can be used as an auxiliary to facilitate heavy, rapid delivery. To do this, go to the side during strong contractions. And you can relax between contractions on one side. For this rest lie on your left side. In order to accelerate the delivery woman in labor to lay down on that side, where the neck of the fetus is determined by location.

Preparing for childbirth courses usually involves examining childbirth poses on his side, instructing on leave in this position for a pregnant woman and her partner during labor. Partner leave can effectively help a woman in labor, for example, lifting her upper leg.So expand the aperture of the pelvis.

Births to women in labor side are not recommended:

  • tailbone injury;
  • with scoliosis;
  • with indications for conducting accelerated second stage of labor.

If there are any problems with the spine and at the decision to give birth on the side even before birth should consult an orthopedic or trauma.

Childbirth on the side is important to discuss with the obstetrician in advance. While not all of them have sufficient preparation for the confinement in this pose. In case of unforeseen situations untrained doctor can get lost in the art of coupon delivery in this position. And it raises any risks.

Successful you birth!

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