Childbirth in water

Childbirth in water

Birth in the water some consider controversial, others choose only their conviction, and the third is called water birth absolute reckless. As far as permissible birth in the water just for your baby – will have to decide just yourself. We also offer a basis for a decision.

Birth in water: facts

Birth in the waters off – it is a non-traditional for Russia and Ukraine. Here, for example, the UK is widely practiced water birth. It created a special maternity wards with pools, swimming pools for delivery installed in many conventional hospitals and even organized rental tanks for home birth in water. But given the fatal cases with newborns, some local authorities are the same in England, some Western European countries have banned water birth. However, birth in water is officially recognized in the UK, the Netherlands, the United States.

Parish ideas about childbirth in water-Soviet countries in Russia dates back to the 60-ies of XX century. Popularized this type of delivery Charkovsky IB The basis for the preferred choice of birth in the water he called the pressure drop at birth in the water, reducing the traumatic brain child at birth.

French propagandist, an obstetrician Odent MR considers birth in water more natural than the usual conditions for us. But with his position, many argue. After all, in the nature of an animal similar to a person living on the land, are not peculiar to a water birth. Water birth is familiar to those who dwell in the aquatic environment, who adapted to it.

Scientific evaluation of materials for childbirth in water is extremely low. Being more massive debate about their opportunities and benefits. But there is a study that compared 250 normal births against 250 births in water showed no significant difference in the specific evaluation of the testimony the course of labor and complications. And indicated the absence of maternal psychological diagnosis, decides to give birth in water. The effect of anesthesia, the easier for labor may be due to the special woman in the mood for a more favorable, creating a more comfortable environment, including conducting and whirlpool, and a relaxed atmosphere. There are no results and monitor the status of the fetus in the mother’s time spent in the water.

There is also a safer and more informed use of water during childbirth. We are talking about using it in part to the final stage of labor “on land.” There are even statistics, only talking about less than 30% completed in the water birth compared to 70% of water use before the actual birth of the child, before the period of expulsion.

Deliveries are carried out in water at a temperature of 36,6-37 ° C. Higher temperatures can be critically affected by the child. In water for labor may be added sea salt. For extra comfort, possible to use a hot setting (Jacuzzi). The pool itself for childbirth should be a depth of not less than 1.1 m. This will allow the new mother to use the squatting position. Should be sufficient and width. Before the birth process necessarily purgation with enemas or microclysters.

There was a proposal to fill the bath with saline in order to avoid the risk of respiratory depression. But the results of such labor is not published, and justify them.

Birth in the water – it’s easy

Many mothers willingly agree to give birth in the water, learning about the benefits of this type of delivery. We list put forward by supporters of the main positives of birth:

  • analgesic and sedative effects of warm baths – sometimes still in addition to the usual pain relief;
  • reducing the impact on the child of narcotic analgesics;
  • individually oriented setting themselves childbirth;
  • protection of the fetus from the pressure drop across the head;
  • opportunity to extend the fruit and placental circulation;
  • Address Extension fetal fluids similar to amniotic;
  • reduction in the first stage of labor in half compared to conventional delivery;
  • reduction of blood loss during childbirth;
  • mandatory in this case, preparation for childbirth – is an essential basis for successful delivery.

Birth in the water – it’s dangerous

Water birth contraindicated if found:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • diabetes;
  • narrow pelvis;
  • size mismatch of the fetal head and pelvis mothers;
  • large fruit;
  • preeclampsia;
  • placenta previa;
  • the risk of fetal hypoxia;
  • psycho-emotional imbalance mothers;
  • drug addiction in mothers.

Birth in the water can be dangerous because:

  • lowering blood pressure;
  • violations of heat;
  • increasing the viscosity of the blood;
  • increased risk of infection with the mother and the fetus – water and discharge; compliance with disinfection in water is very problematic;
  • the risk of water embolism;
  • breathing difficulties in connection with the movement of the abdominal cavity on the hydrostatic pressure to the diaphragm;
  • possible first breath under water due to hypoxia when placed in water after birth cord entanglement;
  • seizures, respiratory disorders in the newborn.

By the way, the statement reducing pressure on the baby’s head is not sufficiently justified. Pressure is reduced by 30-40 mm Hg. Art., which is determined by insufficient indicator. Opportunity to extend the fruit and placental circulation, some experts believe erroneous.Decreased blood loss during childbirth significantly challenged opposite effects of warm water, provoking the contrary increase the likelihood of bleeding.

Opponents of birth in the water believe that expectant mothers opt for water delivery on an emotional basis. Women rely on the reduction of pain, more attention to themselves, the support of her husband, there is no stereotypical unpleasant accompanying childbirth – cold chamber, the sound of metal tools, etc. It is not requested real reasons of security of this type of delivery.

Even doubters professionals consider a water birth acceptable practice. But with one important corrected: such labor is possible only for women with the appropriate mental state, physical health and the favorable course of pregnancy, in a specially equipped medical facility with trained medical personnel. By the way, before you decide to give birth in the water, it is necessary to get acquainted with the video delivery . If we take into account all of the above, then you can protect yourself from high-risk and guilt over hasty, emotional decision.

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