Childbirth in water: is the risk justified?

Childbirth in water started practicing 60 years, then became known worldwide. This method was invented obstetric care I.B.Charkovskim, swimming instructor. At present before birth in the water, there is no unambiguous relationship. In some countries maternity its practice, and in some they are banned.

Childbirth in water were most common in the UK. Today they also practiced in countries such as the USA, Belgium and others. The interest in this method have an average of 5% of women planning pregnancy.

The reason for the ban birth in water in the death of several infants. At birth must attend a qualified physician and necessary medical equipment. Many clinics now offer a method for delivery, but finding them is not easy.

Conduct birth in water at home is very difficult, because it requires a special bath at least 2.2 meters in width and 60 cm in depth, to enable women to move freely. The water temperature should be equal to the temperature of the body or just above it.

Childbirth in water have a number of contraindications:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system 
  • A narrow pelvis in childbirth
  • Large enough or improper presentation of the child
  • Toxemia
  • Diabetes
  • Drug addiction
  • Placenta Previa
  • Cervical dystonia


The benefits of giving birth in water: 

  • The relaxation of the muscles and tissues under water: thus decreasing the threat of rupture
  • Psychological comfort mothers, easing fears and negative emotions
  • A wide range of poses for mothers 
  • Routine for newborn aquatic environment.


The risk of giving birth in water:

  • Difficulty timely withdrawal of the newborn from the water to prevent it from entering the lungs
  • Infiltration of water into the uterus. To prevent water embolism woman can just leave the water immediately after the birth of a baby, to the removal of litter. Unfortunately, this power is not always enough
  • The rapid multiplication of microbes in warm water, which means that when clashes it should be changed regularly
  • Possible increase in bleeding in the aquatic environment.

It is worth noting that the doctor birth in water spend much harder than usual. In addition, they last longer, especially when using the pool too early, before the opening of the cervix 6-8 cm Despite the fact that a woman in labor can choose almost any position for delivery, it is not easy to pick up, so it was quite comfortable to push and not slid down.

Childbirth in water can not be combined with the use rodostymulyatsyy, medicines, as there is a risk that the newborn will breathe water.

Despite a smooth process, collisions are less common and more tired woman. It is also important that a long stay in the water with a temperature of 37 ˚ C can cause fever fetus is a threat to his life. An interesting fact is that in specially equipped maternity hospitals still less than 30% of women give birth in the water directly. Most of the women in labor is in the bath or pool just before the start of the period of exile.

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