Child safety: it’s important to catch up to his birth

Most parents in the phrase “child safety” in the first place think about sockets with plugs, hidden away matches and sharp objects. However, your baby needs care, long before the time when he will be born. So, we suggest you a few important points that should be paid attention before it’s time to go to the hospital:

  • Checking the health of the expectant mother.

Remember that the mandatory list of analyzes, which makes pregnant woman in public antenatal clinics, does not include all diseases that are most dangerous to the future, but only those that appear on bezoplatnoy basis. For example, tests for dangerous diseases such as toxoplasmosis, rubella, herpes, measles and chicken pox are not considered mandatory by virtue of their high cost. Guests also includes optional and biochemical screening. Ask the attending physician, which diseases are most dangerous to unborn baby and always check their absence.

  • Preparation of the future pope to the presence at birth.

If you are planning a partnership delivery, be sure to ask the selected maternity hospital, which analyzes should make the future pope, and prepare all the necessary information for the hospital. Think in advance about the collection “alarm suitcase” for the future father with everything you need (gown, shoe covers, masks and so on.). Remember that affiliate childbirth – a crucial step and before him a couple should decide to discuss Are both of the spouses to it. After all, moral unpreparedness for such a process and unexpected behavior of one of the parents may prevent normal operation doctor that affect the health of the newborn.

  • Timely signing of the contract for the preservation of umbilical cord blood of the child at birth.

Cord blood – part of the blood that remains in the umbilical cord after the birth of the baby and contains high concentrations of adult stem cells. More recently, it disposed of together with the cord as unnecessary biological waste. But with the opening of cryo-storage technologies for biological material from their parents the opportunity to provide his own kid reserve stem cells at birth. Cryo-storage of stem cells (stem cells used to treat more than 100 diseases, the majority of which – cancer) are engaged in special organizations – cord blood banks. In the world there are more than 200. Ukraine also has the option to save the cord blood in the Family Cord Blood Bank “Gemafond”, and provide a kind of biological insurance for your baby in the event of serious diseases.

Umbilical cord blood – a simple, fast and secure process that does not interrupt the natural flow of labor. Brought together in the nursing home and deposited in the “Gemafond” umbilical cord blood of your child, you take care of a young active stem cells of a newborn baby who is 100% fit him with a 25% probability it will be able to approach the next of kin.

In order to ensure the collection and storage of cord blood stem cells child should inquire in advance family cord blood bank “Gemafond” and choose your preferred package. After signing the contract in your chosen maternity hospital forwarder Family cord blood bank “Gemafond” take cold box with everything you need for cord blood collection materials and filling out paperwork. Umbilical cord blood for all standards of the Ministry of Health will hold a maternity hospital doctor, and cord blood bank will provide a selection of leukocyte fractions, making all the necessary tests and long-term cryo-storage cell deposit child.

  • Child safety during road from the hospital

Unfortunately, not many parents know that a newborn baby in any case can not be transported in a car in the hands of adults or in a removable cradle of the carriage. Since in a collision or sudden jerks car or mom or cot, not fit for transportation in a car, can not provide a rigid fixation of the baby’s body. It may not affect the health of the adult organism, but result in serious injury not strong spine child. Baby car seat – is a special device that can ensure the safety of small passenger, and not only in case of an accident, but with a sharp jerk, or an emergency braking maneuver. For example, in civilized countries at discharge from hospital to transport a child is authorized only in car seats, which compulsorily equipped machine parents or taxi service. In Ukraine, buying car seats must take care to parents, to the first path from the hospital and my mother had a baby in maximum security. 

  • Checking on crib safety

Surely, you do not like modern parents give in “granny” superstition and already preparing everything you need for a newborn baby. Cot – one piece of furniture that is sure to appear in your house and grounds will be the first of your baby. Therefore it is extremely important to make sure that it is completely safe. The first thing you should pay attention to – the stability and reliability of fastening crib all its parts. The second aspect – the distance between the bars of the wall. It should be no more than 6-7 cm, not to allow the child to squeeze between them. Note the cover beds: it should not be easy to shear, contain lead and other harmful substances. Also, there should be no any film coatings on crib, mattress and blanket, creating a choking hazard.

And one more thing – in the crib mattress must be securely fixed and do not move when moving the baby and big blankets and bedspreads and unnecessary items (pillows, soft toys and so on.) Must be absent.

We hope that these tips will help you do not miss important things for baby’s safety, and help him to come to this world protected parental care.

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