Cherry diet

The main ingredient is a diet cherry ripe berries – cherries. Diet is perfect for summer weight loss and used for one week. It is ideal for those who like a slightly sour taste of cherry garden.

It is best to use freshly picked cherry diet (a diet so you can podgadat the period of maturation of the berries), the effect will be even greater when using berries grown yourself. In this case, besides the weight loss (up to three pounds and more) can be maximally satisfy your body with useful substances contained in cherry.

Also recommended for use in food cherries raw. Very popular cherry juice that nutritionists recommend use to strengthen the body’s defenses to enhance metabolism and improve appetite. Cherry is rich in anthocyanins and catechins that help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Due to the presence of iron and folic acid, cherry useful at lower levels of hemoglobin.

In folk medicine, crushed leaves of cherry used for healing the skin, and in the east medicine cherry fruits have been used as an expectorant and tonic, as well as to enhance the separation of hydrochloric acid (gastric juice).

A mixture of milk and cherry juice in a ratio of one to one, in folk recipes used for mental disorders, bronchitis, fever, arthritis and other diseases.

Cherry leaves have excellent antiseptic properties, which allows them to be used for disinfecting the skin. The crushed leaves are an excellent basis for the preparation of fortified tea.

Most suitable for cherry diet are considered mature and fleshy fruits, which easily separates bone.

Basic rules cherry diet

– A portion of fresh cherries, as well as cherry juice is better to eat separately from the main meal (twenty or thirty minutes).

– During the day, maybe three meals, also allows for a few hours before going to bed to eat one cup of ripe cherries.

– Liquid is used in small quantities (must follow the diet menu).

– From the usual menu on the diet excludes all sweets and bakery products. Coffee or tea is allowed only in the form of unsweetened.

– Permitted protein products use only low-fat.

– From the salt should be abandoned, and vegetable oils is added directly to the finished dish.

Contraindications cherry diet: lactation and breastfeeding, elderly and children’s age, the presence of acute or chronic diseases of the digestive system, and allergic reactions.

Sample menu cherry diet for one week


Breakfast: fresh cherry juice (1 cup), 1 grapefruit, 1 boiled egg.
Lunch: salad with cherries, apples and carrots with cream (200 grams), boiled potatoes (three pieces), tea (200 ml).
Dinner: one toast, salad (150 grams), bifidokefir (200 mL) fresh cherries, stoned (200 grams).


Breakfast: scrambled eggs (150 grams), yogurt (200 mL) fresh cherries, stoned (300 grams).
Lunch: boiled potatoes (three pieces) Medium sized, boiled chicken breast (150 grams), cherry juice (200 ml).
Dinner: stewed cherries (200 mL), a salad of dried apricots, cherries and carrots with sour cream (200 grams).


Breakfast: salad vegetables (150 grams), cherry juice (200 ml).
Lunch: boiled potatoes (three pieces), soup with dried apricots, rice and cherry (standard plate).
Dinner: Baked fish (200 grams), biokefir (200 mL).


Breakfast: two boiled eggs, tea mug (200 ml) fresh cherries, stoned (300 grams).
Lunch: vegetable stew with chicken (200 grams) fresh cherry juice (200 ml).
Dinner: boiled potatoes (three pieces), salad with cherries and carrots (150 grams), a cup of yogurt (200 mL).


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, cherry compote (200 mL).
Dinner: boiled fish (200 grams), boiled potatoes (three pieces), biokefir (200 mL).
Dinner: boiled meat (150 grams) fresh cherry juice (200 ml).


Breakfast: scrambled eggs with vegetables (200 grams) fresh cherries, pitted (200 grams), cherry juice (200 ml).
Lunch: boiled potatoes (three pieces), a salad of cherry, apple and pear (200 grams), a mug of tea (200 ml).
Dinner: boiled meat (150 grams) fresh cherries, stoned (400 grams), biokefir (200 mL).


Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, green tea or black coffee without sugar (200 ml) fresh cherries, stoned (300 grams).
Lunch: soup vegetables (standard bowl of soup), boiled potatoes (two pieces), 2 tomatoes, fresh cherry juice (200 ml).
Dinner: a light salad of cherry, peach, kiwi and apple (200 grams), biokefir (200 mL).

Due to the fact that the cherry diet includes protein and carbohydrates, diet tolerated relatively easy (especially if you use it in the summer). A large variety of fruits and vegetables help the body produce useful vitamins and minerals.

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