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Чи можна сидіти за комп'ютером по ночах? 0

Can I sit at the computer at night?

Wheel of technological progress is constantly increasing turnover by providing more opportunities to mankind. Thanks to technology we are all, without even noticing, were involved in the flow of global information exchange. There was...

10 types of women, from which escape men 0

10 types of women, from which escape men

Sobering article by Alexander Rodionov, who interrogated her friends men – identified ten types of women from whom men “merge” or unexpectedly terminated the relationship. Lovely woman, just want to warn that this “male...

Preparing for childbirth perineal 0

Preparing for childbirth perineal

Deliveries of concern to all pregnant women. One of the biggest fears – a tear or incision of the perineum. But it is possible to try to prevent by preparing the perineum to the...