Can I sit at the computer at night?

Чи можна сидіти за комп'ютером по ночах?

Wheel of technological progress is constantly increasing turnover by providing more opportunities to mankind. Thanks to technology we are all, without even noticing, were involved in the flow of global information exchange. There was a huge number of jobs related to computers. Freelancers, go on about the benefits of working remotely from home. No need to drive to work and stand in traffic jams, they are given the opportunity to work all over the world. I woke up, sat down at the computer, and you’re at work. But whether all so rosy as it seems?

According to studies the risk of cancer in some categories of workers was much higher than others. Among the occupations with an increased risk of being a programmer profession, and, as I understand it, under the profession programmer meant a very broad section of professions. This web-master, and designers, and system administrators, and others. Such a profession as an accountant, an engineer, an architect, a lawyer and became inseparable from the computer.

We can distinguish the following components occupations that increase the risk of disease:

  1. sedentary lifestyle;
  2. Recycling (more than 9 hours a day);
  3. stress;
  4. work at night, and thus a violation of hormone melatonin.

For example, the programming profession often fits the 3 points out of 4. But the difference between a programmer from the gamer, to sit up late for his favorite toy or a simple amateur communicate in social networks far into the night? Almost nothing, so I think that this article will be of interest equally many PC users.

So, the most dangerous component, which increases health risks – it fails melatonin. Here we are with him and begin.

Melatonin – the main hormone of the pineal gland – a regulator of the circadian rhythm.

It is produced at night, and the maximum concentration is reached by 5 o’clock in the morning. This hormone regulates the functions of cell renewal, neutralize the devastating effects of oxidation processes, which are the main cause of aging and the aging of skin, is involved in protecting the body from the adverse effects.

As you can see, melatonin is very important for the body, and because the development of this hormone occurs primarily at night, any disruption of sleep leads to a decrease in its production.

It is known that in humans, there are so-called biological clock. And get some information about the change of day and night directly through the optic canal, while others – our internal “timer”.

In normal mode, the clock is synchronized. One after dark launch “sleep mode”, others that run synchronously relevant neurobiological and hormonal processes.

Now, let’s imagine the behavior of the body during the change of time zones (by plane). Some see the clock that it was night, and the other clocks are confident that now is the ideal time for waking. There is a so-called effect desinhronii – mismatch of individual human circadian rhythm to the daily rhythm of its environment.

But this phenomenon is not exclusive to travel by plane. Just sit for a large amount of time in front of a bright display, guaranteed to test the effect of a weakened desinhronii. Working at night we stimulate the pineal gland bright light monitor and mislead our internal clock that “count” in the night. As a result of this work – blocking the secretion of melatonin.

Meanwhile, at the forefront of developed technologies are huge and bright TVs and monitors, screens, tablets and mobile phones.

Studies have shown that melatonin is in conjunction with thyroid hormone stimulates the production of T-helper cells, the most militant cells of our immune system protects our body from various diseases. In this regard, the systematic failures in the production of melatonin are dangerous enough. So, if you want to look like their 30 years for all 50, then it is enough to work at night, in front of the monitor bright.

In Soviet times, military noticed that officers of missile forces, constantly on duty in underground silos for missile control systems, experienced an increased number of cases is oncology.

The following example – sailors navigators are typical representatives of a night shift service for which there is a substantially higher increase in cancer.

In addition, scientists have also shown that low levels of melatonin automatically reduces testosterone levels in men. Hopefully, no one needs to explain what effect the hormone testosterone.

Another factor negatively affecting the health of the organism – a sedentary lifestyle. One may complain about the specifics of their work, but the fact remains – sitting out for 8-9 hours at the computer, we are significantly increasing the risks to their health. What is interesting – even a daily trip to the gym for 1 hour is not able to compensate for all the disadvantages of sedentary work.

Out of this situation it is very simple to get up every 5-10 minutes to pour a glass of water, do light gymnastics, or a few sit-ups. This will help to maintain normal metabolism in the body, a slender figure, the rhythm of the heart.

Dear reader, the purpose of this article is not to scare someone working at a computer. The goal – again warn computer fraternity of well-known things, if you work a lot, lead inactive lifestyles and often linger over the bright screens at night, you are at increased risk. The profession, tightly associated with computers young enough to be able to to judge the specific diseases. So, now you need to do so that the real work has not brought negative consequences in the future.

How not to sit at the computer at night, when the neighbors do not interfere when a quick and cheap internet, while drinking a few cups of coffee to stay awake? It should be remembered that it was late at night and in the first half of the night produced 70% of the daily amount of melatonin – a hormone that protects us from stress and premature aging, from colds and cancer. It is he who controls the biorhythms: it helps to adapt to the change of day and night, go to the hibernation of animals, drives us to bed at nightfall. We put to sleep, and melatonin is taken for work, restores, repairs, strengthens …

Healthy sleep is an essential part of our health, so do not deny your body in such a pleasure to be healthy.

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