Buckwheat diet

Action: weight loss and body cleansing
Result :7-12 kg for 2 weeks.
You need: buckwheat, kefir, fruit, low-fat yogurt, multivitamins.

Pour a glass of buckwheat (evening) with two cups of boiling water. In the morning, drain the remaining water. Buckwheat can eat all you want, but with a minimal addition of salt. On this diet, the following rules.

-Eat porridge, drinking yogurt 1% (1 liter per day)
Drinking-water, optionally, conventional mineral or (2 liters per day)
-Can drink tea or coffee (Next to the total amount of liquid does not exceed 3 liters per day)
Fruit-can, but no more than 2 pieces, such as apples (at night)
-5 hours before sleep is not desirable, but if the unrelenting hunger, you can have a drink before going to bed ½ cup yogurt diluted mineral water
-You can eat up to 150g of yogurt (low fat) per day
Alcohol-best not to exclude
Of the diet and after taking a multivitamin rate not less than 1 month
After 14-day diet body need to rest to avoid habituation
-Repeat diet to consolidate the results can be in two weeks

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