If you want to see your face was beautiful and fit, that there was no double chin, sagging on the neck, then you need to deal with every day Bodyflex.

I’ll give you an example Bodyflex face from Marina Korpan.

To start, you will have enough in the morning to do only 2 exercises, but they are very effective.

1) Exercise “Guboshlep.”

Stand up, so if you want to sit on a chair, hands on thighs lean your feet. Lift up your head up, as if looking at the ceiling, but so that the neck was in suspense. Will push the lower jaw as if you want to kiss the ceiling of the lower lip. This exercise should be repeated five to eight times with breath for about eight seconds.

2) Exercise “Lion”.

Stand up to the starting position, if you want to sit on a chair, his hands grasp the thighs. Open your mouth as wide as possible and lean out the language as much as possible, as much as possible. Look at the up, eyes wide open. Do not forget to breathe.

The effect will be noticeable within a few days. Perhaps you will get sick neck, but it is what it is not designed, so do not worry.

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