Births at night and on the weekends, and birth defects in children – is there a risk?

Births at night and on the weekends, and birth defects in children - is there a risk?

If labor falls at night or on weekends, holidays, few mothers had no fear that things go worse than it could be a day or a weekday. This is especially true expectant mothers who have children with birth defects. Do the birth of “inconvenient” time for the future of children with birth defects (or care for them) – the topic discussed at the annual conference of the Medical mother and child.

Much research has been carried out to study the relationship between the level of health of newborns and the time of delivery. But the earlierchildren with birth defects in these conditions have not been studied individually, and so carefully. Though the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control captures the birth of a child 1 of 33 with birth defects.

Now it is time to consider the situation of children with abnormalities in the organs and Telecom care of them with the time of delivery.On the subject study was conducted with scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center. It has been proven that children with birth defects born in the “non-working” time, remained in the hospital for the same length of time as the other kids. In addition, they received the same intensive care, respiratory support, and an equivalent identical antibiotics.

Previously, if the expected birth of a child with birth defects and the need for early diagnosis or surgery, childbirth appointed on a weekday, daytime. Estimated delivery best security forced to labor induction or cesarean delivery to the destination. But the time of delivery was not already important. Now induction of labor will be clearly unjustified measure. Do not forget that it increases the risk of greater blood loss in women in labor, caesarean section and increase the length of stay in the hospital after giving birth.

Research over 10 years (2000 – 2010). Covered 220 children with birth defects. In most cases, defects have been associated with the heart and gastrointestinal tract. Less common defects of the musculoskeletal system, the deviation of the central nervous system and facial deformities. Compared a group of children born from Monday to Friday from 7.00 to 18.00, and children, who were born at the weekend from 18.00 to 7.00. All of these children appeared at the Medical Center, where he conducted research. This center has a specialized neonatal intensive care opportunity. Most importantly, children with congenital heart anomalies, gastrointestinal defects had the same level of infant mortality, as well as born on weekdays and during the day.

The results of this study can reduce the fears mothers who are concerned the health of their babies, and make it possible without unnecessary fears expect normal term birth.

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