Being overweight during pregnancy

Many women during pregnancy be afraid of getting fat. Monitor their weight, and if necessary, adjust its pregnant can and should be, but this is only under medical supervision. Weighing expectant mothers – a mandatory procedure for each visit to the gynecologist and some “homework”. It is best to implement it on an empty stomach in the morning in the same clothes, then the figures obtained will be most accurate.

Why increased weight during pregnancy?

  • developing ovum;
  • growing weight and size of the uterus;
  • increasing the placenta;
  • thickness of subcutaneous fat layer varies;
  • breasts become larger.


Are there standards of weight gain in expectant mothers?

Yes, they are, but it is important to remember that weight gain of pregnant each individual and depends on many factors.

What affects the weight during pregnancy?

  • Age. The older expectant mother, the more weight it nabyratyme.
  • Health. Often in the early stages with frequent vomiting and toxicosis woman loses weight, and in recent months can dramatically add to the weight.
  • Multiple pregnancy. 
  • Various disease in pregnant women. This may be swelling in renal disease or polyhydramnios in intrauterine infection.
  • Body mass index before pregnancy (BMI). This is the ratio of weight in kilograms to the women of the square of height in meters. The higher the BMI, the less weight gain.


The whole time

In the first months mother and baby are just beginning to adapt to each other, so the woman on weight often adds – on the contrary: at this time it may bother toxicosis, resulting in the loss of a few pounds. Maximum late trimester pregnant can gain 1-2 lbs.

It was in the second trimester weight of an expectant mother increases significantly. Daily weight gain of 300 meters If she is gaining more then perhaps this indicates that it has hidden edema, and she will need to consult on this matter with your doctor.

In the last weeks of pregnancy, a woman will put on weight less and less. It is important in any case not to break this trend, because the body begins to prepare the expectant mother for childbirth.

If a woman is waiting for more than one child, then it should be with the doctor to make a diet that must be strictly adhered to. Until the last weeks of pregnancy the expectant mother who expects twins or triplets should add weight to 14-22 kg, and this will be the norm.


Changes in weight during pregnancy

Do not be afraid that you can not get back into shape after pregnancy. Kids help mothers lose weight. Most take the child in his arms and walk with him – it will be a great workout for your arm muscles. Gradually, the child will gain weight, and therefore increase and your stress. Walking with a stroller – and good exercise. Keep a good pace until the walk, and those extra pounds will gradually go. Do not forget about sports. Above all, have patience and faith in yourself, then it certainly will.

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