Banana Diet – minus 3 pounds in 3 days

Bananas – this is probably one of the few fruits that can be found in supermaketah throughout the year. They are the product of the energy plant, so good for snacking during the workday, or between sports. Bananas are very nutritious, so the fetus 2 can replace a complete meal.

Today there are about 400 varieties of bananas. All edible varieties are divided into two main groups: dessert and plane. First we eat raw or dried form, second – must be heat-treated, and often are used as forage for livestock. And if we’ve learned that banana – the usual raw fruit, then for people in many countries – traditional food, “second bread” and the main ingredient in many dishes, such as a side dish. Cuba bananas stock fed to the meat in Africa bananas added to scrambled eggs, soup and porridge. In Uganda, you can try banana beer, a fortress which reaches 28 degrees, so you must be prepared for the fact that even such a small amount of beer in the morning can giddy.

The composition of yellow fruit include carbohydrates (original fructose, glucose and sucrose), cellulose, pectin, vitamins A, B, C, E, PP, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and other elements. The fat content is minimal, and carbohydrates are digested very quickly, so do not worry that bananas negatively affect your figure. In 100 grams of fruit about 95 calories, but it’s not fat, so do not be afraid to include bananas in your diet.

Positive properties of bananas:
Take off the depression and give a sense of joy and happiness, thanks to the development of the hormone serotonin;
• Improve mental abilities;
• Suitable to combat hangovers and reduce nicotine dependence;
• gives strength and desire to work;
• Pectin and fiber aid digestion and good absorption of fat and sugar;
• Normalize metabolism;
• Rich in potassium, which regulates the water-salt metabolism and helps in removing excess fluid from the body;
• Recommended when there is insufficient blood circulation, hypertension and bacillary dysentery;
• Shown in premenstrual women and all patients in the postoperative period;
• Used in folk cosmetics in the struggle with bags under the eyes, for acne and peeling of the skin, peel bananas helps in getting rid of warts;
• Rarely cause allergic reactions.

Dietetics also drew attention to this wonderful sunny fruit – so there was the banana diet , which is one of the most delicious, probably after chocolate, as many would argue. According to one version, banana diet developed Olympic nutritionist Jane Griffin. Although in 2008 own vision offered Hitoshi Watanabe and his wife Sumiko – pharmacist by occupation. To date, the banana diet is widespread in Japan and has become popular in other countries. But this banana diet is not quite simple. Of course, cooking incredible meals you do not have, but limit yourself to eating at a minimum will be very difficult. Duration of such a diet – 3 days. The same number of pounds can be reset during this period.

By banana diet to prepare for. Always consult with a dietitian or gastroenterologist before starting. In the “zero” day (preparatory) exclude from the diet salty, fried and fatty foods, and meats and sweets (including sugar). Prepare yourself mentally for the fact that throughout the three days you have to eat only bananas, so this diet is considered very tough.

Buy the main ingredient – bananas. Choosing fruit at the supermarket, pay attention to their appearance: the surface must be juicy yellow, smooth and shiny, black spots and stains say about corruption banana. Do not buy unripe fruit. Diets are not suitable for dried bananas, because they are many times high-calorie fresh fruits. Do not store bought fruit in the refrigerator, it is best at room temperature.

Handle: clean, removing not only the peel, but also removing white “threads”. Peeled bananas should be eaten immediately, because flesh has a property oxidized black and lose vitamins.

Daily rate of three-day diet3 bananas + 3 glasses of skim milk or yogurt (1% fat). Advisable to divide the meals so that was clearly marked out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The best option would be to frayed condition of slurry with the addition of a single banana rules yogurt or milk shake (150 ml milk – 1 banana). Water and green tea without sugar should be consumed in any amount.

Intrusive option – banana diet for 7 days. Seven-day banana diet provides 1.5 kg peeled banana a day and drink (green tea or warm boiled water in any amount). Stand one week only bananas is very difficult, although 7-ka and is considered more sparing diet. If you will be very difficult to diversify the menu in a thin slice of cooked meat, boiled egg or a tablespoon of oatmeal. But it is, at least, because Diet can be broken. Want to eat – eat a banana.

Minus diet that after its completion you probably will not want to see these overseas fruit. Also necessary to understand that if after it you do not control your diet, weight instantly returns – this problem is in front of you after you exit any of mono. Keep your impulses otest! How can more smoothly during the week go to the usual diet for you. Banana diet is not classified diets, which can be continuously, such as separation food or Mediterranean diet. But at the same time to strengthen the result is worth it if possible to repeat at least one time in 1-1.5 months.

Among these options there is another – morning banana diet. It does not limit human nutrition and lets stick to the usual diet. Besides breakfast. In the morning, you need to eat 2 bananas. Lunch and dinner may remain familiar to you, but you need to limit yourself to desserts and dairy products. The effectiveness of this diet is that after taking bananas for breakfast, the body accelerates metabolism and calories burned per day more than if you did not eat bananas in the morning.

Every woman at some stage in their life thinks about her figure. Plastic surgery, exercise, and a huge list of diets – that’s what today is popular all over the world. You decide what to choose and what to leave! Slim health!

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