As a pregnant woman to stay in shape?

Experts recommend pregnant women to lead an active lifestyle. To stay in good shape during pregnancy and not overly roztovstity, experts advise pregnant women not to stop the exercise and start to lead an active lifestyle.

After examining the data 12 research scientists from Germany found that women who played sports during pregnancy, gaining an average of 3 pounds less than those who did not bother to do exercise. Maybe 3 pounds and is not a sufficient reason to bother most women, but weight – not the only reason why pregnant women should even occasionally climb off the couch and go to the gym or for a walk trot.

Physical activity has a positive effect on mood and insulin sensitivity and does not affect the course of a normal healthy pregnancy. “Women who are involved in sports may continue their studies, and pregnant women who will never do, can safely begin to exercise” – the experts advise.

In pregnant women who gain too much weight, increased risk of diabetes, hypertension and complications during childbirth. According to recent reports, the overweight women give birth to larger babies, and makes childbirth dangerous and contributes to the development of obesity in their children’s future.

Experts warn that while exercise during normal pregnancy safe for mother and child, they should not be too intense and pin. Participating in a marathon, for example, is unlikely to be successful idea for a pregnant woman.

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