As a positive attitude to give birth? It’s simple!

As a positive attitude to give birth? It's simple!

It is natural that childbirth can cause high anxiety, anxiety in women. But there is something that allows you to tune in to a positive birth. Those expectant mothers who attend training courses for childbirth and fought by many similar ways. There are simple steps to finding a positive calm in anticipation of childbirth.

  • Color Therapy – Your assistant and savior. Surround yourself with positive, juicy, pleasant colors in clothes, in the interior. Walking inside color therapy session. Sit down, close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine the train of oblachek-colors. He moves to you and pass through you, saturating energy, peace and love.
  • Talk to your baby, to establish an emotional bond with the child. The kid can be your helper in childbirth – ask him about it. And be sure to calm the child, because for him it is also an alarm event.
  • Exercise. Today, there is yoga for pregnant women , water aerobics for pregnant women – all this will certainly relieve your stress. Do not forget about the simple daily walks. Better – with her husband.
  • Will learn relaxation techniques. Relaxation session should be held each evening. Sit down, focus on deep breathing and count from 0 to 25 Try to relax the entire body. If you can not relax the whole body first, relax in stages, on individual parts of the body, starting with the toes. You can walk on the respiratory and relaxation training – you train experts, and preparation for childbirth would be easy.
  • Sing! And the best with the future pope. You can not sing only songs, but also a kind of mantra, vowels, or the well-known “th-th-th.” If you sing sitting, close eyes, let the partner put his hands on your shoulders, and the crown drag upwards.
  • Use positive visualization every day giving birth. Some psychologists recommend to submit birth as flowers opening (cervix) to the stretching to the sun rose. Accustomed to the exercises of visualization, they can be used during labor to ease the pain.
  • Meditate in the morning, after waking up. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the most desirable location. Feel all your senses all the details of this “world.”
  • You communicate with pleasant people.
  • Surround yourself with positive books, films. Go to concerts in the gallery.
  • Not excluded from future pope during pregnancy. Attract his attention and understanding. However, it is easier to cope with fear.

Fear of childbirth usually comes from my childhood. These simple measures disarm your obsessing. You light delivery!

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