Age first birth is programmed as a child

Australian researchers have established a link between the time of first birth and mothers relationship with her mother as a child. From what relationship the woman had with her mother in early childhood depends on the time of onset of her first child. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from the University of Newcastle (Australia). As it turned out, if a girl under the age of five were unable to communicate with his mother for a period of six months to two years, they have children for two or three years earlier than their peers who have spent time in this family her.

Women who spent the first five years of his life with his mother, the average age for childbirth is 24 years. Thus those women who have a gap in family communication, giving birth for the first time in about 21-22 years.

This gap in family relations scholars associated with unstable family situation, and an earlier date of the first delivery in women from such families account for a fast growing up daughters due to loss of parents authority.

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