Affiliate childbirth: an important stage for the family

Relationship to partner leave and still ambivalent, but increasingly the choice of parents to go onto birth partner.

Affiliate childbirth – as a future pope 

Any man experience partner deliveries leaves no one indifferent. Might joint labor and expectant mothers. Some of the same stereotypical scared fear that her husband after childbirth partneskih cease to feel sexually attracted to him. Others simply believe the husband at birth do nothing.

Psychologists believe that the support is invaluable partner in childbirth.Just do not take the pope as “adequate controller” actions of physicians.Our counselor, psychologist Catherine Erokhina warns that an active desire to control in men sometimes can turn into aggression that he would not support either for most mothers, or taking birth doctors.

Some men do not remain present at the expulsion period. They are ready to support his wife only during labor and come after birth.But there are fathers who take such a decision in advance, still remain before the end of childbirth together with his wife. Sometimes women do not wish to have a husband attended one of the periods of delivery.

Our consultant emphasizes that the presence of a loved one close during labor helps mum keep a positive attitude, which will certainly contribute to the maximum relaxation, and hence the correct behavior at different stages of a woman giving birth.

During cesarean delivery partnerships are also possible. Moreover father speaks to them more bόlshim assistant. This medical intervention does not allow the mother put the child immediately after birth. Then applied to the child’s father.

A big role in the success of joint labor plays professional preparation for childbirth . Future father will know exactly how to keep his wife in childbirth, what an effective and indispensable it could assist. It is also important that he will be more emotionally prepared.In preparation for childbirth can help joint quality video delivery .

Pope should remember that childbirth can be quite long. Maybe have to endure long hours without rest or food. First childbirth can last from 6 to 16 hours. Dads need to be ready and to the fact that the wife may not adequately respond to his support, saying that it does not touch him, or just do not pay attention to him.

By the way, if you wish, your partner could be any close person: mother, sister, friend or even your doctor. Although the presence of the physician may have problems. Not every medical staff ready to look alien. Of course, this does not apply to the negotiated participation in advance of your doctor.

What is needed to partner deliveries 

Partnerships labor a common practice in our maternity hospitals. The exception is usually made when the hospital is quarantined.There are rare and the hospital, reviews of women, which in general are not allowed visitors, including Dad. For conducting partner deliveries couple will pay a donation or a donation. But there are rare cases when the hospital staff did not insist on it. If you want your spouse is able to visit you after delivery, will have to take a paid room. But sometimes even when there is a regime paid ward visits, and on additional visit must be negotiated informally.

To the pope allowed to attend the birth, he needs to pass basic tests and chest X-rays do. In the overall analyzes typically include a blood test for HIV and smear on staphylococcus. Although, in the opinion moms found the hospital that do not require it or require only fluorography. Some of the hospital require a certificate stating that the pope with his mother held training courses for childbirth .

It is important to agree with your doctor that you will bear with my dad or another partner. May require a formal statement agreed with the head physician and nachmeda. In some maternity enough verbal agreement. Possible joint labor and rescue team. When this happens, my husband is not allowed to give birth without the paid fee and without a signed card exchange. As a rule, joint labor allow pictures and video, but this is also worth to agree in advance.

Affiliate childbirth – a decision 

In families with a positive climate, when choosing to participate in childbirth by her husband, joint childbirth only increase the emotional, spiritual affection between the spouses and the relationship between father and child.

Discussion about participation husband should wear friendly nature. Expectant mother can express your wishes, but at the same time emphasizing its freedom of choice. And certainly not allowed in this matter charges of blackmail and pangs in the event of a husband or loved one.

For deciding the most useful will be the future mother of recent research data. American experts neurobiology recorded with instruments that the brain of women who were exposed to shock, quietened on an emotional level and decreased levels of physical suffering, if the hand holding their husband.

Our consultant Catherine Erokhina convinced that the shift in intimate relationships is precisely in the case of unavailability of men to attend the birth. If Dad refuses to attend the birth, the output is simple: support during childbirth may have an instructor in preparation for childbirth , a close relative, a friend or your personal doctor you trust.

By the way, do not forget to mention her husband during childbirth that he will look at you from the side of the head only. For some dads, this can significantly affect the decision. 

The main role of the pope in partnership childbirth – this attention to his wife, her requests and the ability to help her. Beautiful all sorts of joint! 

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