Affiliate birth: instructions for dad

Affiliate childbirth today are becoming more the rule than the exception. But, unfortunately, still not all dads know in advance what they will do during childbirth. If you had been together for childbirth preparation courses , the pope will be “fully armed.” If it does not succeed, then we suggest to learn at least basic instruction.

Affiliate childbirth: self study future pope 

To successfully assist the expectant mother, dad to tune yourself, hold the inner workings. Do not forget the main thing:

  • Homework: Consider the route to the hospital, ask the name of his wife physician and the house where things are stacked in the hospital, prepare the required amount of money with the stock, including small bills;
  • remember the basic needs of mothers: pain relief, physical care, ongoing support, confidence, understanding of what is happening, comfort;
  • save your strength: you can keep your woman, only if they themselves will be in the form of; bring water and a snack, sit down to rest for a while, but should not go too far – you can skip the birth of their child;
  • Be ready to focus on the desires of the expectant mother, constantly be attentive to her state of health, to offer time to help;
  • Tune in to listen to the doctor’s recommendations and monitor their implementation and his wife, let’s not disassemble controversial moments with women physicians – take it on yourself, but do not overdo it with aggression and emotion, too controversial moments is best to ask the opinion of another doctor;
  • be prepared to be flexible: change the tactics of behavior depending on the desires of the expectant mother.

Affiliate childbirth assistance maternity 

And now for the specific actions of Pope during childbirth:

  • Promote and encourage the movement of the expectant mother, change of position: ask her to sit on a fitball, just like, change the position, placing different pillows – it will remove the pain, especially in the back, and relax a little;
  • be all the time next to a woman and ask if you can touch her – even touch pass and psychological support, but not all new mothers need it in that form;
  • Help maternity stay dry and clean: help, if my water broke or if the spouse wants the toilet;
  • remind expectant mother about the need to urinate every hour, otherwise full bladder can slow labor;
  • breathing techniques can lead to dry mouth: let maternity little drink or suck on a piece of ice, you can use a lip balm from dryness or help brush your teeth, rinse your mouth;
  • create future mother coolness: sprinkle a little face with cool water, wave a towel or some clothes, a cool towel wipe your face, neck, and other body parts, turn on a fan or air conditioning, if there is (only it should not be pointed directly at the woman in childbirth);
  • helps future mom doing breathing exercises – proper breathing will help to cope with the pain and relieve tension; remind take a deep breath and exhale before the fight after it, breathing in childbirth learn in advance;
  • please massage: mom can lie on your side or get back to you on the bed and lean hands, and you massage it with cream lower back during contractions cease to massage;
  • apply compresses: back pain can be a bit removed by applying warm compresses;
  • Use relaxation: Learn relaxation techniques before childbirth, and this may be tensing and relaxing all the muscles of the body, rendering method, etc.;
  • by all means encourage rest between contractions expectant mother to her left hand at the very birth of the child;
  • do not forget that emotional support is crucial program based on the nature of your woman – it may be the words of tenderness, praise for her efforts, compliments, saying that soon all be over already, remind that will soon be your favorite child, and the like;
  • Be ready to leave the mother-alone if she wants it herself.

According to studies abroad childbirth , birth partner have a significant positive impact on the progress of labor:

  • reduce the need for medical intervention, in particular by limiting the need for medication;
  • reduce the risk of caesarean section;
  • shorten the duration of labor;
  • improve the overall condition of the newborn.

All births individual as the needs of each pregnant woman. Do not forget to constantly interested wishes expectant mother before and during childbirth. Pretty try, you will be richly rewarded – you will have the best kid in the world! Good luck!

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