Advice from psychologists – to be healthy, do not follow the news

Advice from psychologists - to be healthy, do not follow the news

We all strive to keep abreast of current events, but because every day look or read news feeds, without thinking that the mass information may adversely affect both the mental and physical health.

One of the world’s newspaper The Guardian published an article by leading psychologists, which explains the reason why you should refrain from excessive watching the news. Oddly enough, but a passion for watching the news the scientists compared with the love of sugar, which, at times, can be associated with drug dependence. The thing is that while watching the news program the person receives the news of the country, about the world, about society, but receives nothing that can touch the person, but because it is not enough that pours from the TV. And there is a desire to watch it again and again. But none of what he saw or heard no effect on life in general.

Today’s news adversely affect the well-being, causing only fear and aggression. After watching the news about the war, murder, or dishonest politicians, we can not think creatively, because in our minds except the growing perturbations are no longer any emotion. Stories, tells the story of the tragic events that trigger the release of hormones that are responsible for stress conditions. And if these hormones are constantly provoke, then stay calm will not work.

If you constantly watch the news, from the nerve cells gradually will form a chain of neurons, because of which weakens the memory of lost opportunity to think intently, the person ceases to concentrate. Because of this, we become nervous and full of fear, driving himself, thus the corner.Constant panic attacks, and strange new sensations that do not correspond to reality.

Well, the most compelling argument – no one of those for whom adapted news, can not change what he is told. Impotence, which develops in us, leads to depression and pessimistic outlook. This diagnosis has gained scientific name – “learned helplessness” and we very much hope that you will not succumb to the tricks of television.

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